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0 - 4 Jonathan Mendonsa All right. So Brad and I are back in the studio today. Thanks for joining me Brad.
4 - 6 Brad Barrett Yeah you bet Jonathan I'm excited for this.
6 - 16 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah absolutely and so we're now rounding into our third month of recording we've got Wow. More than 10 podcasts under our belt at this point. I find that incredible.
16 - 27 Brad Barrett Yeah it's hard to believe man this is so much fun. I mean we sit here and just record you know three four five since that clip we just you know we're sitting here two feet apart from each other and just having fun talking.
27 - 139 Jonathan Mendonsa Lots of fun lots of fun. And you know what I really appreciate it. AUDIENCE MEMBERS those of you that have reached out to us and sent us a message or commented on our post that's really cool. We love the interaction and we've learned a lot from you already. We hope you're getting a lot out of this so if you have already left us a review on iTunes we appreciate it. If you have not but you want to. That would be fantastic. Just go to iTunes go search for choose FI. Go to rating's and reviews and you know leave us an honest review. Hopefully five stars. Also for those of you that listen to us on iTunes. But were not aware that we had a companion Web site. We're super excited about the Web site choose FI dot com. We build it as a framework to really organize these ideas for you. So if you're interested in a particular topic and you want to get more information relating to that topic go to our Web site choose F-I dot com. Go to our Get Started page first to kind of find out how you can get integrated into our community. And then from there I would recommend you go to our experiment's page where we've actually built out some of the concepts and theories that we discuss on the show. So today as you may have heard from the title we're going to be discussing really fitness and how it how to you know look at that from a personal finance perspective from a health perspective kind of how some of these different ideas go together. And I think this is going to be a little bit unique because you have a lot of people focusing on fitness with no regard to your budget. If you if you sign up for some of these meal plans or programs they will have you consuming you know protein at every single meal. And if you look at the average budget for someone that's interested in fitness it just it skyrockets through through the roof. But I think there is a smarter way of doing it. I think there's a way that you can do it without breaking the bank. And we wanted to talk a little bit about our particular views on fitness and the scope of personal finance and also frugal living which Brad and I are both big believers in.
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139 - 171 Brad Barrett And it's both the nutrition side and certainly the exercise side as well. I mean certainly if I had no care for money whatsoever I would go out and join a $200 month CrossFit box and do this you know boot camp style exercise class that they have here in Richmond which is you know somewhere in the vicinity of 100 bucks a month so I mean you know you can spend a boatload of money. But I think we're going to show you how you can do it for free or close to free and still get you know maximal effort at maximum benefit from excuse me.
171 - 207 Jonathan Mendonsa And this is a little bit of a conversation. I really haven't organized it you know as well as I probably could have going into this but I think it'll flow because what we're going to give you these are all my thoughts concerning fitness and as a way of challenging myself to do this for you and actually implement these I have decided that I am going to do all these things myself right now. And so right now it is January 26 when I'm recording this. I plan on losing 30 pounds within three months and actually have a son that's going to be born right around April 22nd so I plan on losing 30 pounds by the time he's here I've given myself the challenge.
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207 - 208 Brad Barrett That's so cool. And congrats again.
209 - 217 Jonathan Mendonsa Thank you. One of the tips that I'm going to give you all later on but I'll tease it now is whenever you decide to set a goal tell everybody that you're super super embarrassed if you don't do it.
217 - 242 Brad Barrett Couldn't agree more. And I actually I'm kind of surprised Jonathan at this. I actually have one that I'm going to mention publicly as well I've been actually in the last couple of days on Skype with a buddy of mine. Brandon from the mat Fientist a couple of days ago and I actually tried to get him to do this with me. He's doing a different workout program so he wasn't into it but you know I want the public accountability and we're going to talk about it that way.
242 - 516 Jonathan Mendonsa OK. One of the things that got me thinking about this was a conversation that or a speech that J.D. Roth gave at a recent camp that we went to the Money Mustache camp in southeastern Florida and you know there were a lot of content creators and people that were working towards financial independence or already financially independent people that were interested in minimalism and being frugal or at least you know living an efficient lifestyle and using that to reach their goals. It was a very inspiring camp that we went to and we met a lot of really cool people and I got to meet J.D. Roth for first time and he you know became famous maybe five six seven years ago with the Web site get rich slowly. At some point he sold that stop doing it and came back and now he has a Web site called Moneyball. And I've gone and checked it out and it's pretty cool. But I was very excited to meet him and he gave a talk on developing a personal mission statement and it was a very cool talk and he and he started by giving you a couple of questions to really dig into. It really challenged me on a couple of levels so I think I went a different way with that at the end than I initially thought I was going to but I was really challenged by it I'm going to share a little of those ideas with you and he was basically deciding telling you that you would be advised to create this personal mission statement that would help you dictate the direction that your life was going to go and I was starting to write mine. And about halfway through he said Now I want to challenge you with this whatever you've got. I don't want you to make money your goal. I want you to assume you've already hit that. You've already you've already achieved that in every single way. Money is not a concern. And it was a reboot it took me it took me a while to to actually reset the clock and figure out what would I do if money actually weren't a concern. What is actually important. Because a lot of my goals a lot of things that I work for involve being financially independent and financially independent is tied hand in hand with having with having money or at least enough money so you don't need to worry about it. But what about when you actually get there. And I found that very challenging. First of all to think in that way it was really good for me so I owe him you know just to thank you for throwing that out there. And I created something which I can share to another point. But one of the things I realized when I finished creating that and writing down is that food was nowhere on that list. It was not for me to just enjoy eating lots of great good food that tasted delicious. It just didn't even show up and I had eight or nine bullet points and for me that was striking because you know as time progresses and you get into your 30s your metabolism starts to slow down and you get more comfortable with life and you get into a habit of just eating whatever comes in front of you. And you know I've gained probably 20 or 30 pounds over the last several years. And they weren't going anywhere and to be honest I was I was kind of content with it at that point in time but I realized you know my goal you know maybe it's to be a better person it's to spend more time with family. It's to do more travel to. You know but it wasn't it was not food. And so I had to ask myself Am I eating to live or am I living to eat. Because I have you know I've gained all this extra weight. And so you know a couple I came away from that I got a son that I want to keep up with. I want to be just a healthy energetic dad I don't want to be a couch potato. I need to get this under check. So I created these these six or seven post-it notes and I just literally did this I had my desk I wrote out these notes and there's nothing fancy. They're very simple things. One I decided you know what I want to lose 30 to 30 pounds by the time my son is born to. I don't want to have any sugar for the next three months I want a completely detoxed my brain from sugar three. My actual weight I want to hit 167 pounds now I'm I'm five foot eight I'm not a tall guy I'm stocky I got a fairly muscular build but you know 167 pounds for me is really lean for. I want to make sure again that I'm eating to live. I'm not I'm not living to eat I never want to get in that mindset I don't want to graze. I want to be intentional by. I want to drink at least a half gallon of water per day to get there. 6 I want to go to bed on an empty stomach so I'm going to talk a little bit of those ideas with you and why I think they're important but the final thing the thing that ties them together. I have this picture of the ultrasound on my son that is my goal. I'm going to get there before he's going to go through these hurdles before he's born and I'm a be intentional about it. I'm going to make intentional decisions when you're being intentional when you're thinking to everything. You don't make these mistakes you don't graze from one suite to the next week you don't have eight pieces of pizza. It's when you relax your brain and you turn everything off and passively going through life that you just start doing things that don't make sense for your long term goals. And that's kind of where I'm approaching this from.
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516 - 552 Brad Barrett Yeah I love how he said be intentional. That is the crucial point here. And you know I can say I'm I'm literally sitting here at Jonathan's computer desk and I'm looking at these six Post-it notes plus the be intentional Plus the ultrasound and it's inspiring to me. I mean just it's kind of spurred me on to come up with something similar. I mean he cannot help but see this every time he sits down at the desk. You know this is a priority in his life. He is set for April 22nd when his first son is born to lose 30 pounds and do all of these other things. I mean that is really really cool. If you want to make a change in your life that is a darn good way to do it.
552 - 620 Jonathan Mendonsa Thanks. Yeah. And I'm excited about it. You know what when you're actually aware of what your thoughts are and where they're going in you're driving towards something you're not going to screw it up. It's when you're. It is when you're not thinking about things as when you've gotten lazy it's when you just have checked out and you're just going through the motions you're going through life you're letting life happen to you you're not dictating anything. That's when things go off the rail so as long as I'm living in the space of I'm going to be this person I'm going to achieve this goal I'm going to tell my tribe the people that I am I am you know passing on this information to I'm going to be accountable to them. There's just no way for me to screw this up you could put anything in front of me. But for the next three months everything I do is going to be directed. And I'm going to walk you through that in a way that I think makes sense for you both from a health perspective and from a personal finance perspective. And I have you know actually a bachelor's in human nutrition foods and exercise. I have a pharmacy degree. I'm well-educated. I'm very very disciplined. But as I stated earlier I don't have a lot of self-control. So to get around the self-control you have to focus on being intentional and never let your brain go slack.
620 - 693 Brad Barrett All right Jonathan one one of the six Post-it notes that I thought was especially interesting was the no sugar for three months that that appeals to me instantly. I know we have diabetes in my family and sugar and certainly carbohydrates are you know on the front of my mind when I'm when I'm eating and I'm trying to cut down on them significantly. I know I actually just this past year and I'll talk about this throughout the episode. But this past year I've actually gotten into the best shape of my adult life. And you know I went to my physical at the beginning of 2016. So this was a year ago and my fasting glucose was actually a little high. It was in close to the pre-diabetic stage which was a little a little scary especially since you know my father you know he is overweight but he does he has diabetes and he's struggled with it for you know 30 plus years at this point. So that was that was an alarm bell for me. And you know we'll talk about how I did get into shape in this past year but I actually just went back to my physical a couple of weeks ago and my fasting glucose was down to 80 which is.
693 - 695 Jonathan Mendonsa Wow that's perfect.
695 - 696 Brad Barrett Yes I was.
696 - 696 Jonathan Mendonsa Congratulations.
696 - 711 Brad Barrett Thanks man. Yeah I was I was thrilled there was just such such a positive development. So you know aside from all the benefits you know physically and mentally that I've gone from from getting into shape this past year I mean that was just what solidified this that you know man I'm I'm definitely on the right track.
711 - 744 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah absolutely and I think you would agree that eating to live not living to eat. I mean when you look at goals for you and your family your dad you've got two kids. You know you want to spend your your when you're 50 60 70. You know you want to have those years with them and you want to do it in the same health that you are now or at least as close to it as possible. And if you decide that food is your priority and you want to eat whatever you want to eat when you want to eat it you're making it you're making a value choice and potentially you're robbing your kids of those years that you could be an active father grandfather for the opportunity eat whatever you want.
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744 - 855 Brad Barrett Yeah and that hits extremely close close to home because of my parents. And you know this is not to throw them under the bus or in the but but you know we mentioned in a prior podcast about how my wife Laura and I have tried to cut down on our food intake and we've done it and of you know very measured steps over the course of years. You know this is not like OK we're cutting everything down to 1000 calories a day and that's that is it's a smart manner. But you know what. What kind of caused us to do that. You know my parents are very overweight. Both of them and it severely impacts their quality of life. And you know they might not you know I think in their heart of hearts they understand that but they might not consciously understand how much it impacts them. But but we see it. And my kids see it. You know grandma and grandpa can't get on the floor and play. But Laura's parents can you konw. And it's not a big surprise why. You know. And they have decided that they want to live to eat OK. And you know obviously people make their own judgments. It's not my place to tell them that they're doing it wrong though. I try very hard. So maybe it is my choice. But you know they go out to eat all the time they go out with friends. You know they go out by themselves they just they get value out of that. You know I think it's a horrible waste of money. I think it's a horrible way to get fat. Real quick. But they've decided that they want to do that. And you know I don't want to be 65 and not be able to play with my grandkids. Just as simple as that. You know I didn't want to be 45 and be the fat dad and not be able to play with my kids. You know I want to go out and you know if my daughter is going to start cross-country as a sophomore in high school I want to go run with her in the woods you know and I can do that today and I can guarantee you I'll be able to do that when I'm 45.
855 - 967 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah absolutely. You know the other person I was impressed by at the camp mustache event we went to was was money mustache and you know we were talking a little bit about what he uses and I think he's documented that on his blog at some point. Basically he's following a form of low carb dieting and he is fine with the fats in the proteins. He really tries to minimize a lot of the carbs or at least make them make them healthier options. And having done fitness many different ways over the last 10 years 10 years there's not a one answer for everybody. There are plenty of ways to do it but you do need to look for what your triggers are and you need to. And I think the biggest thing is figuring out what's happening to your brain because if you start eating any food that is turning your brain off and moving you into that grazing mode you're going to have a problem. And I know for a fact that for me it's processed sugar. You know it's not the carbs that are in sweet potatoes. I'm not going to have more than I need to have those. It's going to be the bread and it's going to be the sweets and the chocolate. And you know all those sorts of things so for me my number one thing is I cannot I cannot do processed sugar for at least a short period of time because your bod your brain treats it like a drug. It really does. It breaks it down into a chemical that is indistinguishable from drugs. And then what happens after you consume it is that your body releases a chemical called dopamine. It's a pleasure chemical and so it's essentially acting like crack for your brain if that's your problem. If you have to have sweets you have become addicted to sugar and it takes you a while to break free of that. And it's amazing how once you break. I remember at one point in my life I was down below 10 percent body fat. I mean I was extraordinarily lean for what I can normally achieve. And I had not had any sugar within the last six to eight months. And the idea of having sugar actually made me sick. I mean that's where you get if you retrain your brain to like certain types of foods.
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967 - 1008 Brad Barrett Yeah and I know just this past week actually my wife made a pan of brownies. OK. And so you know when Jonathan was saying about your brain lighting up as if it was a drug. I know this because I literally had this happen 72 hours ago. I just I don't eat sweets really all that much. I've never it's never been my thing for whatever reason. But you know so I don't eat that much in the way of sugar. But man these brownies look good. You know so I just I walked over to the pan I grabbed a bit and it was like I could almost feel my brain lighting up and I'm like wow I need more of these. So I mean I grabbed two more little pieces they were these thin brownies so I got two or three more pieces and just housed them you know.
1008 - 1022 Jonathan Mendonsa And you're not responding to hunger it's not your body saying I was hungry and this is filling that sensation rather you're having a chemical addiction. Your brain is wanting more dopamine to be released and so you are being tricked essentially because you have rewired your brain to crave these.
1022 - 1046 Brad Barrett Yeah and you know just to kind of piggyback on that what we did was you know Lauren I said to each other we have to get these things out of here and we just literally we actually froze them. We cut them into little bite sized portions and froze them. And what that means is when you're actually craving one you have to make an intentional decision to take it out of the freezer and let it defrost. And it's not just I mean how cool is that right.
1046 - 1078 Jonathan Mendonsa Like you all have so much more self-care and Laura does from what I've heard she has so much more self-control than I do. It's very impressive. It's amazing. I don't think that a lot of the people that have problems with weight. You know when you would be able to do what they just did. I think that they have more self-control than you probably do if you're like me. That is not going to be enough to stop you. Laura can walk away from one piece of pizza. We've talked about that but the other thing there is you just got it. You've got to figure out what you can control. And then when you can't control it you've got to figure out a life hack to subvert it so it doesn't continue to be an issue for you.
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1078 - 1098 Brad Barrett Yeah it could be as simple as filling yourself up on something healthy that you actually enjoy or drinking more water like Jonathan had you know half gallon of water per day. You know Jonathan I'm sure can talk more intelligently on this but you know if you're drinking water before a meal you're somewhat filling yourself up before and you're not going to eat as much. It's just you know fairly simple.
1098 - 1178 Jonathan Mendonsa Absolutely that's exactly what it is is exactly what it is and a lot of times when you think you're hungry you're you're actually just thirsty. There's two different ways that people approach fitness. One of them is these these crazy diets and you know if you want to be a bodybuilder I think you probably do need to consume a massive amount of protein. But if you just want to be ripped or lean that protein is not necessary and in fact you know is a lot of people that want to be a bodybuilder that consume a massive amount of protein and because they don't have their macros right in their diet right they're just overweight and muscular. I mean it doesn't it's not attractive it's not something you'd want to emulate. But most of us recognize that there is something pretty much universally attractive about being lean and in shape and the great thing is that does not require an expensive diet. It requires a controlled diet but it totally fits within this frugal price model. We want to build out so you know be a body builder and broke or be completely ripped and don't have a fat wallet. The tagline we used was have a skinny waist and a fat wallet. And really what we're getting at is that you have the ability to be in any shape you want on a very frugal budget. And you know just focus on eating these healthy foods. Maybe some of which we'll talk about using some of the techniques that we talked about but it does not have to break the bank.
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1178 - 1212 Brad Barrett And that's again both on the nutrition side and on the exercise side. You know this is there's two legs to this. And the exercise side certainly just with body weight exercise and well we'll talk about that later. You don't need fancy equipment. You really don't. You can you know at most get a $15 pull up bar to put in you know a doorframe and in your house. You know get it for 15 bucks at Walmart and that and push ups and squats. I mean that's a pretty good set of exercises. You throw in some some running some you know sprinting even. Man that's fantastic yeah.
1212 - 1316 Jonathan Mendonsa I know I know. I've gone both ways with that I've done I've done the fancy gyms. I've I've got the home gym and I've done just that calisthenics the body weight stuff it's all going to work. But it only works if you do it. All right. So the first thing is we have to de-sensitized the brain. If you are grazing if you are just eating and you have no idea when you're full and when you're sated you have an addiction and you just need to. You need to get rid of that. So you know what the cheat meals just not going to work for you. And in order for you to say you know what I'm going to be OK not having to cheat meal and just being 100 percent on this thing. You have to figure out what's really important. And so for that reason I like the idea of starting with the mission statement and deciding what is your goal putting that as your priority and then come up with something really powerful like for me I have this picture this ultrasound of my son that's going to be born. And I don't know what it is about that but by stacking that with my postcards it's crazy powerful. And then I look at those in these final bullet points you you write all these different little gold sheets down. This idea of being intentional. You know when you're being intentional when you're just going through life what if you could just stay in that intentional mindset. And so to do that you know what it's time to step on the scale again you may have not wanted to do it. You need to know where you start you'd probably need that reality check. And for me it was just stepping on a scale and seeing you know I'm 100 pounds. Wow. I remember when I was 165. I have a lot of work to do. So you know that's 30 pounds. And the next thing you do is you're going to need some accountability. You need to tell as many people as possible that this is important to you that this is this is a focus. This is the most important for a short period of time and there are definitely ways that you can make this a lifestyle and I encourage that. But there's something really cool about doing a transformation.
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1316 - 1376 Brad Barrett Yeah just to kind of touch on that accountability. You know in this case Jonathan and I are going public with it. You know something could be posted on your Facebook page. Right. Tell your friends. Get a group of you know five to 10 people in an e-mail chain that you keep updated or that are also doing some kind of fitness goal right. It could be group accountability. You know there are even some kind of web sites I know Tim Ferriss talks about this that are kind of like betting Web sites so essentially like I think it's stick. S t i c k k I believe and you know you're more or less publicly saying I'm going to do X and if not I have to pay X number of hundreds of dollars and you make it up. So it's a bet essentially. So it's cool you know and it could be like the money is sent to somebody that you absolutely loathe. There's some organization that you loathe Right. So you know pick a political persuasion or whatever the other guy is.
1376 - 1376 Jonathan Mendonsa That's hilarious. Yeah.
1376 - 1384 Brad Barrett I mean that is motivation. So I mean you know there are just like anything there are lots of different ways to do this. But man that accountability is huge.
1384 - 1387 Jonathan Mendonsa So Brad why don't you go and tell us what is your public goal.
1387 - 1534 Brad Barrett All right. So my public goal is actually about two of them. So one in the back of my mind for the last couple of years I have these ideals of fitness. OK. And the first one is pretty pretty silly. But just bear with me here is I want to be able to do a set of 15 pull ups. OK. So to me that's a marker of fitness whether you know whether I'm right or wrong I think someone that can do a set of 15 pull ups in a row or you know regular overhand pull ups is a pretty pretty fit person. You know upper body wise. So that is the one half. And I think the more important half and this is something that has always dogged me. OK I'm going to kind of give a little sidebar story here is how quickly I can run a mile. OK. So to me and you know I might get into some territory that people disagree with here. But you know when when people go out and run half marathons or marathons you know I'm always impressed to some degree that you know it's just that they can do that. That is a feat to me and it's something I never wanted to do. I probably physically couldn't. Maybe we can you know talk about that but I'll say I couldn't do it just doesn't appeal to me all. But it also you know I see lots of people who are out of shape who run half marathons and marathons. You know it's not a marker of fitness. To me it's just they accomplish something that's remarkable. So I'm not taking anything away. But to me the six minute mile has always been this elusive thing. Now obviously you know professional runners can run in you know four minutes some five and you know they would laugh at a six minute mile but for a regular average person if you can run a six minute mile that's pretty phenomenal. I don't know too many adults who can run a six minute mile. OK. So you know that has always I was a soccer player back in high school and you know I think when I was you know I was in pretty decent shape ran a decent amount and this is like I said it has dogged me for years is senior year of high school we ran a time mile and I was like literally I knew it at the time it was the last time I will in all likelihood that I would ever run. And I think I got like six minutes and four seconds and I kind of like loathed it at the end and I was like oh come on man why don't you just sprinted in you could have got you know five fifty eight or something. So while you were saving it for your 30s Yeah right. Right. So now at 37 I want to get a six minute mile. So you know honestly I don't have a baseline number right now.
1534 - 1534 Jonathan Mendonsa How about the pullup.
1534 - 1566 Brad Barrett I think I can do you know if I really push it I'm probably at nine. I would say OK. So I'm not all that far off but you know honestly like the difference in 19 & 15 is fairly significant. You know I believe at least at this point. So yeah I'm probably at a baseline of maybe seven minute mile seven and a half. You know give or take. It's more of a mental thing for me. Honestly I think physically I could run a seven minute mile pretty easily. But but the difference in a seven minute mile and a six minute mile to me is huge. gulf. So that's why this is a stretch goal for both sides.
1566 - 1567 Jonathan Mendonsa Have you put a time on it.
1567 - 1580 Brad Barrett I want to do this by the. You know I hadn't thought about it honestly. My now hearing your April 22nd makes mine look pretty pathetic. I wanted to do it by the end of 2017. So that'll be my loose goal.
1580 - 1582 Jonathan Mendonsa I'll Check check in with you in April and see how.
1582 - 1586 Brad Barrett Maybe I'll set something more ambitious than that but that's where I am right now.
1586 - 1792 Jonathan Mendonsa So what I want to do with the remainder of the time that we're going to spend together today is walk through step by step every single little life hack that I've pieced together for this because I know I can do this. I am capable of doing this and at the same time I know that I am very average in every single way. There's nothing particularly special about me so I know that anything that I can do if I can explain to you what my thought process is if you want to grab a piece of that or all of that you can do something similar in your own life. And there's different things that I figured out over time. One of them is that. It goes back to the grazing most of the time that I eat that I eat I am eating because I think it's either time to eat or my brain is telling me that I should eat. Now neither of those have to do with your body actually needing food in order to survive. And so just like I told you that I wanted to desensitize my brain to sugar. I want to focus on being able to be OK with having a slightly empty stomach because your body and your brain gets addicted the feeling of being full. And the problem with all the processed food you eat over time is that your body goes from just wanting to be full to actually being bloated. So it's happy and bloated at the same time. And it wants you to continue to eat until you feel sick. You just you get to a weird place. And so in order to combat that to get back to normal you really need to start getting used to the idea of just being slightly hungry and that being OK and there's some extra perks to that that I'm going to unpack for you as I go through this. But just to convince you first of all you need to realize know if you're listening to this in America. We are the wealthiest country on earth right now. We have very very low levels of food insecurity. People that don't know where their next meal is coming from. Most of the population has that covered. And so what I'm what I'm saying is that most of us have forgotten that it's OK to miss a meal. In other countries people go days without without without eating. In many parts of the world and just from a physiological perspective your body can survive up to 30 days or more probably without food as long as you have water you can survive. And if you're extremely overweight that's stored energy so your body has all these extra mechanisms to cannibalize all that before it starts attacking all the energy that you have in your organs that you actually need. So if you're overweight if you have a 40 inch waist you have a massive amount of stored energy no matter how tall you are and what your specific situation is. If you have a 40 inch waist or higher you have a lot of stored energy. So it's not going to hurt you to have an empty stomach for a little bit. And there's there's some real power to suddenly being OK with that. And so one of the challenges for me was twofold. One is to be able just to go to bed on an empty stomach. Now I don't mean that you're focusing on anorexia or something like that. I'm just saying that it's OK to go to bed on an empty stomach. And what you might find the first time your brain will fight you on this it will make you think that you're miserable that you're horrible that things are going horribly wrong. Then you know what it takes you 20 minutes to go to sleep maybe even go to bed early because you don't want to have to deal with it. And the next morning it's weird First of all you're going to pop out of bed like a bat out of hell. That just happens. It's a flight or fight syndrome it's your body is telling you to go search for food. But the other thing is because you've gone now this extended period you've been fighting the psychological battle while you sleep the receptors in your brain have already calmed down a little bit and you'll notice you're actually less hungry when you wake up in the morning than when you went to bed at night.
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1792 - 1806 Brad Barrett That's very interesting so I guess my question and probably what you're asking out there in the audience is what does this mean. Go to bed and do it on an empty stomach. You know what time would one have to have dinner. Is there are there a specified time.
1806 - 1859 Jonathan Mendonsa If you're overweight there's a good chance you're doing a lot of late night snacking and you're doing it because you're hungry late at night for whatever reason or you're craving something. Stop it just stop it. If you are doing it while hungry go to bed on an empty stomach. And if and if you're eating it at 1:00 a.m. in the morning go to bed earlier what are you doing up at 1:00 a.m.. I mean if you need to be for work ok that's fine when you work on another trigger but if you're staying up to watch TV what if instead you just change your schedule around you followed some of the other advice we said when we told you most of TV is a waste of time if you're spending all your time watching TV and you're staying up to one in the morning to go to your latest Netflix burner. Maybe you cut that out. You go to bed on an empty stomach and instead you start your day at 5 a.m. and you work on some of the you know you just change your whole life cycle. That's not a crazy thing to suggest especially if you say the most important thing in my life from now to April 22nd is losing 30 pounds.
1859 - 1867 Brad Barrett That makes perfect sense. So I mean I guess the other way to put this is just don't snack after dinner if you can avoid it. Yeah I mean it's tough to say.
1867 - 1941 Jonathan Mendonsa And that's going to go with the sugar. I mean no one's snacking on salad right. You're snacking on the on the brownies on ice cream. So you've got to get rid of that stuff. I mean you got to throw it out. So that was one little life that they are going to bed on an empty stomach too. We've got to do something about keeping you full for longer. And that is where the water comes in. Brad's over here drink it as water right next to me Well done sir. Although your brain will substitute thirst for hunger so if you don't have enough water in your system your brain will tell you that you're hungry and so you can get around that just by drinking you know a half gallon gallon of water a day. I've done both. I've done as much as two gallons a day when I was at my my leanest. I don't think you actually need to do two gallons. You're just going to go into the bathroom every 10 15 minutes. I think it's wildly inefficient. But most of America is dehydrated or they're substituting soda and juice and all the sweet liquids of the world for water and that is not a substitute. Coca-Cola is not a substitute for water diet. Coca-Cola is not a substitute for water. So I'm not saying you can't have any although I would encourage you to go cold turkey but for the most part you need to be drinking a half gallon of water a day and you know what. Over the period of the month your body will actually. Your brain will change again and it will start to crave water because you're rewiring these neurons that have been misfiring for months.
1941 - 1978 Brad Barrett Yeah that rings true with my life certainly I drink probably about a gallon of water a day minimum. I don't really drink any kind of sugary soda. I mean I can't remember other than maybe like a rum and coke I had at a wedding. Years ago I can't remember the last time I had a soda. I mean my general intake of liquid is just simply water and I drink tea without added sugar and I maybe a splash of milk and you know I'm not a crazy person I normally you know maybe have a beer or a glass of wine at night. You know four or five times a week. So. But I mean not that's simple it. I don't know what what about you Jonathan.
1978 - 2008 Jonathan Mendonsa No it's the same thing. I mean back in the day I grew up with soda and Sprite and those are my favorites and you know Gatorade and all that stuff. But at some point as I started pursuing fitness and it really even carried over to me even in a more passive you know type of way of looking at I drink water I drink 100% water and at this point it's all I really know what if I start drinking I don't think I could drink a soda a day. I think it's a possibility but I know that a lot of people do only drink soda because if you go to the grocery store they have an entire aisle dedicated to your soda of choice.
2008 - 2023 Brad Barrett Yeah once you give up soda it's kind of sickening to even think about that. Same as Jonathan I mean my parents you know we used to buy two liter bottles of Coke by the you know by the crate full essentially and drank a lot of it. But now it's just abhorrent to even think about it honestly.
2023 - 2083 Jonathan Mendonsa And when you look at people that come in you know with diabetes or hypertension to doctor's office you know especially with diabetes they are always overweight. I mean there's some people that have some genetic components of type 1 diabetes that's not we're talking about but Type 2 diabetes. Ninety eight percent of the time ninety nine percent time it's just related to weight. And you start eating so much and it's not related to actual hunger. They are body just stops being able to do what it's supposed to do with it. So it just breaks down into sugar. It all it take breaks down the bread and sugar it breaks down the coke which is sugar and sugar you know and then at some point it gets taken out of the stomach and it just stays in the blood and at some point it can't get it out to where it needs to go or just stays there turning your blood into maple syrup. And you know then that starts to cause problems with your legs and your feet and everything else so your body is telling you you've got a problem. But the sugar has this effect on the brain causing that release of dopamine and you become addicted as you start. You start ignoring the signals that your body is telling you. And when it goes too far you just can't come back from it.
2083 - 2156 Brad Barrett Yeah. You know I'm certainly not a certified anything with nutrition and I know Jonathan know is. But you know just in my own and my own life I can say what I've done to avoid these kind of you know sugar issues is you know a cut down on any kind of added sugar. And B for me it's the carbohydrates where where I had an issue and you know you're not going to see many mean people ultra ultra lean people who are just you know tossing down bagels and loaves of bread by the you know by the handful. Right. I mean most people and you know again this is kind of outside the scope of this one podcast. But you know for me cutting down on carbohydrates has been a huge huge benefit and not only that but I don't have the the ups and downs that I used to have. So I eat a breakfast with good fats right. And fat has been vilified in you know in the public consciousness and it's literally in my estimation it's because of the word fat if we just call it anything else that dietary component Jupiter or anything else it wouldn't be vilified it's literally vilified. It has nothing to do with the fat you know you're you know what are they.
2156 - 2159 Jonathan Mendonsa Well if you're having avocado with your eggs in the morning you're not going to be getting fat.
2159 - 2208 Brad Barrett No you're not. I mean if you're eating avocado and eggs that's what I eat actually. You know that you that are you know I have a handful of walnuts you know actually we talk about Costco we just bought a huge bag of walnuts and you know you only need three or four walnuts to have a nice satisfying snack. And you know that is a healthy fat man and when you talk about it I mean to me the biggest issue with the American diet is his breakfast. Think about the breakfast foods. You know we consider quote unquote breakfast right. Bagels bread and toast or cereals especially sugary cereals that's just doubling down on the you know how awful it can be. I mean what this does is it fills you up and you have a crash. 90 to 120 minutes later and you're starving. I mean think about how many of you have bagels for breakfast and then are hungry at 10 a.m..
2208 - 2239 Jonathan Mendonsa That's the part that kills you is the crash. And usually that's related to how quickly your body can absorb the sugar because the faster and faster out. So if you're eating very simple sugars just great table sugar or you know a Snickers bar to some degree of bagels Well you know if it's not a whole wheat bagel. A lot of these really processed sugars and simple carbohydrates. They go straight into your brain. They cause that sensation of pleasure and then you crash and you need more to get that sensation back and that's that's a lot of energy goes along with that you have this energy rush. And then this energy crash Yeah.
2239 - 2260 Brad Barrett Jonathan is exactly right. It's nice having an expert here sitting next to me to kind of you know put the official spin on on what I know kind of anecdotally which is you know I eat something that's satisfying in the morning you know eggs pretty often. Avocado is a great thing to add. I mean that those are the staples of my breakfast and I'm not snacking in the morning. I'm just simply not.
2260 - 2280 Jonathan Mendonsa And if you're feeling really sluggish in the morning that's probably because you had too much to eat late at night. I found this over and over again enough. And I guarantee if you try just going to bed on an empty stomach you're going to wake up in the morning with so much energy so if you don't I just don't ever have the energy to get up in the morning to make a good breakfast. Try going to bed on an empty stomach. You'll wake up again like a bat out of hell yeah.
2280 - 2310 Brad Barrett That's awesome. And I'm going to check that out for sure in just the final word on this. As you know for breakfast eggs are another thing similar to fats that have been vilified. You know. They're going to make your cholesterol rise and all this other nonsense I think you know in the last couple of years it's come out that really that science was fabricated. All right. We saw that our total B.S. and it literally is untrue. So we've all been led to believe that eggs are terrible for you because your cholesterol is going to rise. It's simply not true.
2310 - 2328 Jonathan Mendonsa Well I think what they used to say is that it wasn't just the whole egg and so you need to separate out the yolk from the White. I'll be honest. I've actually got I used to do that. I've come back from that now I just use the whole thing and there's a benefit to a cost perspective too. And you get a lot of good nutrients from that yolk and you're not wasting food. So yeah I don't think you need to separate out the yolk.
2328 - 2346 Brad Barrett No I agree. And I think you know eggs at last check out our local Wegmans they were 60 cents for a dozen. So we're talking five cents for an egg so I have two eggs in the morning. That is 10 cents. That is a heck of a good breakfast. A whole lot better than that bagel you're getting at the local bagel place.
2346 - 2379 Jonathan Mendonsa And I've decided not really try it to not hate on any particular food group I think there's room for moderation in everything. I'm still OK with doing you know oatmeal for breakfast. I'm still OK with doing a fruit smoothie for breakfast know if it's got banana and frozen fruit and yogurt and maybe some milk and you know those sorts of things you just need to know what your triggers are though and if you're having to crash that Brad was describing and the cravings then that's going to have to go because you can't afford that because you're being intentional and you can't have anything that's making your life more difficult.
2379 - 2419 Brad Barrett Yeah I agree. And I'm know I am not set in. You know I don't I'm not doctrinaire about anything. So for me it's not. Oh no carbohydrates I'm I'm not a crazy person about anything. I just want to live my life. I want to you know put little life hacks in that are going to work a little bit better. And when you comp you know compound a couple of dozen of these life hacks in all aspects of your life your life is going to get better. So you know I mean listen I brought a sandwich here for our little podcast recording. I have a turkey sandwich on a roll. All right. So I could have not had that roll but I want the roll. All right. I eat pretty well. I exercise. I'm you know reasonably lean. I'm not worried about one turkey sandwich right.
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2419 - 2626 Jonathan Mendonsa No that's exactly right and I wouldn't either. If you really want an in depth analysis I'm going to post on our website choose F-I dot com slash healthy living 101. You can also just go to the Web site click on experiment's they'll be a page for it and I'll document exactly the progress along with meal plans and that sort of thing. But I what I really want you to hear out of this is what we're actually doing and I think a lot of times you read stuff online and it's what they would do or what they think you should do. But it's not actually what they did because nobody has time to do all the stuff that they put in these packages. What this is is for somebody that's busy that wants to be intentional. And you know it's tying to that that idea that we talked to you about simplicity flexibility those two things. And it needs to it needs to meet the common sense test. I'm not going to spend two hours making one gourmet meal that's going to have minimal impact it's going to be a very simple meal because my number one thing is again not living to eat. It's losing 30 pounds by April 22nd 2017. Everything is focused on that. So now we've talked to several bullet points. I've weighed myself initially and you know if I'm going to lose 30 pounds in three months I need to lose. Right around three pounds a week now that's a little bit extreme. I would tell most of you really should be shooting for one to two pounds. and do it slowly and you don't have to do everything that I'm saying. You can just pick one or two of those things like for instance if you are gaining weight and you know the only thing you drink is soda. If you just cut that one thing out you don't rip and you just replace it with water. You're going to lose 20 pounds over the course of a year. I mean you know if you just did one thing and you cut out the late night snacking and you went to bed on a stomach you're going to lose a few pounds over the course of the next couple of months. But if you want to lose 30 pounds in three months you do it. All of these things I can't afford to miss a single window. So my next life hack is I told you about how I'm going to go to bed on an empty stomach. I'm going to need a little bit extra if I'm going to hit three pounds a week. That is an intense goal especially since I'm not running marathons I'm not doing Michael Phelps swim workouts. I'm doing very little cardio. I have to create a calorie deficit because there's two sides of the equation. There's what you eat. You know what is your basic metabolism. All of us have different metabolisms based on our height our muscle mass bone genetics that sort of thing. And then there's what you eat and the calories you know that you take in versus what your basic metabolism burns. That's just the in out scenario. If you take in less than your basic metabolism Burns you're going to lose weight. But then the other half of that is how much exercise are you doing. And I'm going to do a fair amount of exercise but I'm not going to go crazy with it. And so I have to focus on these dietary components and I'll tell you a bit more about the exercise plan in a second. But my biggest life hack here here is I'm going to fast a full 24 hour fast one day a week and that goes back to the desensitising the brain that I was talking about earlier and what I usually do is I I mean a game that around when I am at work I have a 12 hour work shift once a day so I'm very busy that one day and I'm going to consume a lot of caffeine on that one day. So black coffee totally fine but I'm not going to consume anything else I'm going to have my caffeine. I'm going to have tons of water and I'm just going to grind my weight that day and then I'm going to go to bed early that night as soon as I can get a I go to bed. And you know what I've instantly built into my day a 2000 calorie deficit into my diet just by not eating on that one day and the next morning I'll wake up and Instead of binge eating I'm just going to have a normal breakfast.
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2626 - 2693 Brad Barrett Yeah that's. That is very interesting. I'd love to hear the you know your report back on this in a future podcast on specifically how those those fasts go. I know. You know I had followed I guess the guy's name is Dave Asprey. He's famous for bulletproof coffee. Many of you probably heard about that. He also talks about intermittent fasting which is similar to this. It's kind of you can do it day by day though. So it's essentially eating during a six hour window. Now in most cases it would be let's say you eat lunch at noon you eat dinner at 6:00 and then you don't eat again until the following day at noon. OK. So that's you know you're not fasting for any extended period of time it's essential you're not having breakfast is more or less what that means. Yeah. So I did test that out for a little bit. I found that it wasn't. I was getting like mid-morning kind of headaches and it just didn't work for my body. So what Jonathan mentioned about adding in the black coffee that doesn't get you out of a fasting state. And I found and also actually.
2693 - 2703 Jonathan Mendonsa You could also add a piece of fruit in there to like an apple you know that would be the other half of that component like just a black coffee. And if he needed a little sugar rush or something you could have a single apple at some point in the day.
2703 - 2729 Brad Barrett Yeah that's interesting. I would have would have liked to have known that for sure. You know another thing what Dave Asri is famous for is again in the bulletproof coffee which is black coffee and actually adding in very high quality butter. So you're more or less like blending and you're also putting in some like coconut oil or MC oil and literally blending it up into this frothy deliciousness. It's really quite quite tasty It sounds a little extreme if you've never heard of it.
2729 - 2734 Jonathan Mendonsa But you know although I've done intermittent fasting I haven't heard of that specific recipe so I might check that.
2734 - 2786 Brad Barrett You really should I think you'd enjoy it just from a taste perspective. It makes your black coffee dramatically better. So you know you're buying like unsalted you know high quality butter. I think the brand that I use is carry gold that's you know the one that Dave Asprey mentions and yeah you literally just blended up in the blender and it's fantastic and it doesn't get you out of that fasting state so I guess you know this again is outside of my zone of knowledge. But maybe Jonathan can speak on it or you know in a future episode but essentially what these people are trying to get into is this state of ketosis It's called yes. So your brain is operating I guess on ketones at that point and you're in a fat burning state as opposed to just burning. You know I guess glucose from carbs and you know the other nonsense that you're normally eating so your body is essentially burning fat and I'll turn it over to you.
2786 - 2829 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah you said that you said it exactly right basically when you eat your food your body breaks down and sits in your stomach for a while then it gets absorbed and then your body goes into a rest and digest mode and it stays there for several hours. But if you do what they're talking about with the intermittent fasting because there's this extended window that's outside of a 12 hour period where you haven't had food so from six the following evening to six in the morning would be would be 12 hours and anything past that you could potentially be in the state of ketosis and at that point the idea is that you're actually for a short period of time you're burning fat for energy. And if you do that consistently day after day that means that you're getting four hours every single day where you're just burning fat for energy and then over time you can channel that into a real weight loss.
2829 - 2844 Brad Barrett So that that kind of doubles down and what Jonathan was mentioning which is not only has he had a huge caloric deficit from just simply not eating for a 24 hour period. But his body is also now in a fat burning state. So it really should be you know a significant added boost of you know benefit there.
2844 - 2879 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah. No no absolutely. I was I've done intermittent fasting and I'm fine with it. I hated not eating till till till 12 o'clock at lunchtime like and everyday of the week. And so I'd done that and I'm not done with it completely I just you know if you're the audience trying to figure it out you can take either that or exactly what I'm doing and figure out which one works better for you. I know for a fact that as long as I get my diet really clean and then I throw this one fasting day in I will I will lose two to three pounds a week as long as I actually do it.
2879 - 2900 Brad Barrett Yeah that's cool and you know I'd love to see you if you are going to try out the bulletproof coffee to test out and intermittent fast. Just you know maybe once a week or once every other week just just to see how it works for you. I found I know I mentioned when I was doing intermittent fasting generally that it gave me headaches but once I threw in the bulletproof coffee in the morning that completely alleviated that issue is.
2900 - 2907 Jonathan Mendonsa I'm Definitely going to do that bullet proof coffee I got to I didn't realize that it tasted good. I think that was the thing. When you started throwing butter in your coffee I was a little skeptical.
2907 - 2909 Brad Barrett It sounds nuts but man it's really quite quite good.
2909 - 2938 Jonathan Mendonsa We'll put a link in the shownotes to that recipe. All right so let's see. Now I've covered some strategies we've talked about breakfast we talked about water we've talked about going to bed on an empty stomach. We've talked about throwing in a single day of fasting and on the day of fasting really focusing on increasing your caffeine and your water intake. The next thing is you should always have meals prepared. You cannot afford to go to a fridge and not have anything in there where you have to figure out what you're going to make because you're going to make mistakes.
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2938 - 2991 Brad Barrett Yeah and we definitely talked about this on our prior podcast where we talked about our ultimate Costco meal plan and you know how we're trying to save money on food. And I know I mentioned how my wife and I are very intentional about how we make our foods so you know essentially if we can cook two meals a week we're always making it to have leftovers at least for a second night. Each of those meals and then almost invariably there's a fifth person meal if you will or no actually a ninth person male excuse me available for leftovers so I'll have that. And Laura I'll have a slice of pizza. So I mean literally from cooking to meals. We have five days worth of meals so you know there's no scrambling at 5:15 for oh no let's order Chinese food and you know devour a couple of combination plates. You know where we have our food and it's very obvious.
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2991 - 3045 Jonathan Mendonsa Absolutely and so we do very similar things. We do actually portion that out and put it in individual Tupperware containers I have a set amount that's available to me. One thing you will not have heard is that I have not actually counted any calories yet. I'm not opposed to it I've done it both ways. I just find the mental hurdle of actually calculating it all out to be more time consuming that I want to spend. And in general I try to focus on just doing a healthy portion. And as long and when I've when I've blown diets in the past when I failed in the past it's not because I measured out three ounces instead of four ounces a chicken it's because I went off the rails and I had the pizza or I had the chipotle. You know I had the really big meal that wasn't a hundred fifteen hundred calorie diet and that screwed me up messed up all my progress for the whole week. And then instead of just getting back on the bandwagon and going forward I snowballed with more mistakes the following day. And then at some point I'm like well it's just no point. You can't do that.
"mealplan ", mealplan
3045 - 3104 Brad Barrett Yeah I agree. It's so mentally taxing to be on a diet if you will. I know I've seen my mom struggle with you know using different types of diets weight watchers and that type of thing back in the day. And you know honestly in my anecdotal experience I've never seen someone stay on one of those programs and stay thin for 30 years because it's it's this deprivation mindset all the time where oh I can't I could not possibly eat these 50 different things that I've loved so much. I don't think like that at all. There was nothing that I don't eat if I want a slice of pizza for dinner I'll have a slice of pizza if I want two beers on a Saturday night. And you know where at a brewery or something. I'm not worried about the calories. I mean there are people that literally like drink Miller Lite as opposed to a craft brew you know craft beer because it's fewer calories. I think that is so losing you know the forest for the trees and cutting you know dealing with these tiny little details that are just relevant in the large scheme of things.
3104 - 3163 Jonathan Mendonsa And in life I'm the same as Brad and I have a very controlled life when I'm actually focusing on maintaining my weight at home. I eat certain foods. And normally I'm not up right now over the next three months. I can't afford even a Miller Lite beer I can't afford anything. There will be a hardcore there'll be no cheating 100 percent from now till till April 22nd. I'm going to be on point every single meal every single day. But you know outside of that window. What I'm not doing a quote unquote transformation when life is happening. You focus on eating the clean foods 90 percent of the time. And that gives you the flexibility to do whatever the hell you want. The rest of the time when you go out with your friends you don't have to be the one that is eating the broccoli. You could have a piece of pizza. But then in a perfect world you also have some self-control where you can say you know what this was good I enjoyed I enjoyed this draft beer I enjoyed this piece of pizza or two pieces. And then you walk away from it. It's just a balance of I can just have one piece in OK because I'm OK you know not being bloated. I don't need to be bloated to be satisfied.
3163 - 3226 Brad Barrett Right. And you're also not going to feel bad about yourself for having a slice of pizza because in the large grand scheme of things it's irrelevant. You know you you can have those little splurges because you're being intentional about your diet and you're you're putting in these little hacks that are going to make the framework the 90 percent like Jonathan just mentioned. You're going to make that 90 percent work for you. You know. This is not rocket science right. This is stop eating bagels and bread for breakfast. It's put in some more vegetables. Right. Put in some more healthy fats. Eat some more protein. Don't drink sodas and sugary drinks. I mean again this is not rocket science. But I mean if that's your diet where you're doing all those horrible things you're not going to be able to go cold turkey tomorrow. All of them. It's just not going to work. But just make one change tomorrow make another change two or three weeks from now. Make a third change a month. That and I guarantee you you're not going to miss it you're going to look back just like I look back on those days where I drank a two liter bottle of a soda in 48 hours and that was my life. I look at that and I'm horrified.
3226 - 3228 Jonathan Mendonsa When Was the last time you bought a 2 liter bottle of soda.
3228 - 3241 Brad Barrett Never in my entire adult life I have not bought a 2 liter bottle of soda. We bought like I think we bought six cans for like rum and coke and we tried to find the small cans tiny tiny little six pounds cans and that's all and we still have four of them.
3241 - 3310 Jonathan Mendonsa The same. Exactly. I think when we're doing like mixed drinks or something I'll have something in the back. But yeah I can't remember I don't think I've ever bought as an adult a 2 liter soda. When you see people that are healthy or that are somewhat lean as opposed to morbidly obese there you're going to find there certain things they do that the other people don't do. And the other people accept you know the morbidly obese people accept that this is normal this behavior that and no not everybody's doing that. Not everybody is only drinking soda not everybody is having a third helping of ice cream. Not everybody is sitting on the couch for eight hours a day watching Westworld you have you know there's probably a better way of doing things and if you can see it it would make sense for you as well. And we talked about that one but it's so cool. I didn't really focus on it learn to like black coffee. That's a big one. A lot of people feel like they have to have a flavor or sweetener in it. You know this is kind of one of those mental things. If you learn to like black coffee it gives you some real advantages because that's another drink that you can consume that's very low calorie minimal and it gives you essentially this energy or placement for when you might be crashing because you're staying on all this food you know and these specific foods. Anyway that's just a final little life hack. So Brad what are your final thoughts on that.
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3310 - 3428 Brad Barrett Yeah. I think we've touched on the nutrition side really really well. I mean I'd like to talk about the fitness and movement side certainly for the rest of our time here. I think just general movement is important. You know again not to pick on my parents but you know they don't move that much. Right. And it's kind of this this horrible cycle where you know they're overweight because they eat a lot and not you know didn't move a ton. And now they're you know it's just getting worse and worse. So you know I try to build movement into my day as much as possible. Now that could mean just literally you know when I worked in an office job it was getting up every hour or every other hour and walking around the building for five or 10 minutes. Now you know a lot of people are going out for you know even in this thing which smoke breaks or something awful like that. You can take a five minute fitness break. It's really not that hard. Just get up you know go to the bathroom and then walk around the office building for a couple of months. I you know honestly like this is one of those kind of little funny life hack stories. But like I literally there was one other guy in my office building of you know hundreds of people who would walk around the office. We became friends over the course of you know a year or so and it wound up that my wife Laura is now working for his company because I literally met this guy in the hallway walking around our building. All right. So you know I'm not going to guarantee you that you know you're going to get some kind of networking find but like but man I like how cool is that. You know like I was doing something good for myself and you know even just get up and just do two squats or five squats just something to get your muscles firing. You're sitting there all day long just not getting up. Just try to move a little bit more. You know just some of the stuff that's built into our culture is so negative. Like I always think about and you know maybe my family is crazy but you know we talked about getting a good parking spot. Does that does that ring true to you. Have you ever heard of that.
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3428 - 3432 Jonathan Mendonsa Well I never had one but yeah I've heard I've heard people talk about it.
3432 - 3452 Brad Barrett So what is a good parking spot in American parlance a good parking spot is right next to the store. Now in health. Now there are people that would literally circle I've seen I have seen that I've seen it they'll circle the parking lot in their gas guzzling SUV to get a parking spot right next to the store.
3452 - 3457 Jonathan Mendonsa And my wife teases me that I'm always at the end of the line ever really thought about it. But I think that was what was going through my head right.
3457 - 3556 Brad Barrett I mean that that happens that's normal. That is a good parking spot just freakin Park 12 spaces away and walk the extra 12 spaces. That's when you're going to save time in totality. And B you're going to walk a little bit more. That's not too bad. You know I mean there's this thing thrown around where you know I don't know if there's any validity to it but they talk about you know 10000 steps a day. You've heard that I'm sure. Right. Like you know fitness trackers Fitbit and those kind of things like you know again I don't know the studies. I'm not a scientist but you know it's thrown around that if you if you walk were moved approximately 10000 steps in a day that's going to lead to a pretty healthy lifestyle. Now I've had a Fitbit for often on over the last five years and I can tell you in the normal course of life without making a special effort to move I was somewhere between two and 3000 steps a day which you know that's a tiny fraction that's a fifth or a third or you know of our overall daily recommended walking and you know I'm a reasonably fit guy and you know that just isn't good enough. So I need to build in a couple of those five or 10 minute walks into day to even get close. You know you can walk in my pace it's like I'm walking about 1200 steps in ten minutes so you know if I build in three of these these small walks That's an almost four thousand steps extra a day. I mean that's pretty darned good that more than doubles my normal daily walking. And you know honestly my two to three thousand is way more than what a lot of people do. So you know people who are really sedentary they're walking a thousand steps or fewer in a day. I mean that's that's pathetic.
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3556 - 3669 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah. No no absolutely no. I take a slightly more active approach to you know what would I do in terms of workout routine. Probably the more traditional one. But yeah you need to be moving. Now the other thing I find is that everything fits together. It's very hard for me to actually focus on the diet if I'm not also exercising and it's very hard for me to exercise. If I'm not focusing on the diet I'm not going to go exercise after eating pizza. I'm not going to do it after having junk food. But if I'm eating clean. It feels like that is a synergistic approach to do than going and exercising as well. Now they add on together and the sum of the parts you know exceeds the components. So for me I hate to run even when I'm lean and I loved her. I hate her I despise it. I do it because I understand the importance of it to some degree but I've never been someone that's going to run a marathon or half marathon that sort of thing. Brad was actually encouraging me on the way back from the current mustache were at that he does the whole interval thing and I've really started to hop on that one because it's efficient and it makes sense and one of the things you should try to do is just break a sweat once a day. I mean that's how many of you just go through life we never exert yourself. So Brad was telling me I'm going to this is what he say so I'm gonna steal this he can correct me if I'm wrong but to do an interval where you just you run as hard as you can for a minute and then you walk for a minute and a half and you just repeat that five times. And I've started doing that since he told me that and I love it and I never wanted to do. It's called Hit training high intensity interval training. And there's more complicated versions of that where you'll have three different levels. And I've always just kind of not wanted to do it. But ever since he told me about that two weeks ago I've tried to do it you know every day or every other day and it's been great. I mean you'll you'll break a sweat in 11 minutes and you can't do that if you're just jogging at your four or five miles an hour that you normally run you want but that not pushes you gets that heart rate up and I think it gives you a metabolic burn that exceeds even when you finish because your body is still compensating for a level of effort that it had to exert.
3669 - 3719 Brad Barrett Yeah I agree completely and yeah I'm glad to hear that you've been been doing that. It's definitely a staple in my exercise routine. You know even though my goal is to run that six minute mile you know really I hate running. Honestly it's just something that you know to go out and run it for an hour. I mean that I would rather do almost anything else than that. So you know for me mentally and you have to figure out just like anything in life you need to figure out what works for you. For me mentally running for a minute or 45 seconds on a treadmill sprinting you know I mean I'm up a you know between 10 and 11 miles per hour on on a treadmill which is a pretty good clip. You know if you see someone at a gym running and that you're like wow that person is moving. You know I can do that for a minute. Psychologically very very easy especially if I know that break is coming after.
3719 - 3722 Jonathan Mendonsa I was at nine miles an hour my heart was burning after I was finished.
3722 - 3723 Brad Barrett It's a good clip right.
3723 - 3724 Jonathan Mendonsa Good clip.
3724 - 3766 Brad Barrett You'll be up over 10 Pretty soon I'm sure. And you know you're actually exerting yourself. Like Jonathan said you're sweating. You know your heart is that you know I don't know how many beats per minute but 160 180 beats per minute which is significant. And you know another thing Jonathan you're going to notice is your recovery on that minute and a half. And so that is you know essentially to get your heart rate down to a normal level. You know 110 120 beats per minute if you're you know within an exercise protocol there. So you're going to see that recovery period is going to lessen which would be really really neat. So you'll be able to exert yourself more and your recovery period will shorten almost naturally just because your body is working more efficiently.
3766 - 3803 Jonathan Mendonsa Again you hear talk about simplicity and then also efficiency right. There's something very efficient about that if it takes me 30 or 30 minutes to break a sweat with just a normal run or a walk. But I can do it in 10 or 11 and walk away and feel like I've got my heart rate up for the day. That's 20 minutes of my day that I've just gotten back for something else and maybe I can just do the rest of it with my regular workout. But then I could just be done with it. And so I hate running but that I think is something that you can take away you don't need a gym to do that. You just need to get out there you run hard. You walk from it and if you run hard you walk from it and just do that a few times. Ten minutes later by the time you're around your block back home and you move on to the next thing.
3803 - 3810 Brad Barrett Yeah for sure. And you know Also we're not trying to be tough because here is saying oh I'd run it you know 10 mph on the treadmill you know I don't care about.
3810 - 3815 Jonathan Mendonsa I'm sure that's all you guys are laughing at us right. This is just this is just what we.
3815 - 3826 Brad Barrett But you know if sprinting for you is six miles per hour on a treadmill then that's great. Just figure out what works for you. OK. This is not you know we're calling them from on high saying you have to do X Y and Z.
3826 - 3836 Jonathan Mendonsa Now then finally weights. I love lifting weights. I don't think enough people take advantage of them. I think a lot of women view it as they're going to get muscular. I'm a guy I can't even get muscular I don't think you got to worry about.
3836 - 3838 Brad Barrett Women are not getting bulky. Yeah lifting weights.
3838 - 3999 Jonathan Mendonsa But there are some real benefits to doing it. When you when you actually lift weights whether it be like a machine or free weights your body is breaking down the muscles they're having these tiny micro fractures in them essentially and then it takes a couple of days to heal and that increases. It does two things. It actually increases your metabolism temporarily because your body has to burn more energy in order to repair those muscles. And then they they do increase and they tighten and they tone it also. If you're a female it's going to increase your bone strength and decrease your risk of osteoporosis or fractures. And then you know when you're running typically especially when you're running the traditional way which is which where you throw the treadmill or on six miles an hour you run for 30 minutes and you get off as soon as you're done. You know maybe you burned 120 180 calories while you're running. But as soon as you're done it's over. You're not burning more calories but with weights you're actually your metabolism has a peak at it for the next 12 to 24 hours while your body is healing. So that is another efficiency thing. And there's so many benefits to it. You're you're adding muscle you're burning fat. Your metabolism is speeding up because now you have more muscle on it. And one of the things that I try to do that I've realized more and more is that I'm not as interested in the beauty muscles as I was maybe I was like a teenager. I'm not interested in having 20 inch biceps. It's never going to happen for me. You know I've I've I've done weights at all sorts of intensities I've done it six or seven days a week. At one point and I was taking creatine and all the supplements doing everything. And I got to a level of fitness that I was very proud of. And then I stopped for six months or a year. It was completely gone. All that work was gone. It's just unnecessary. You don't need it. No one is impressed by it. Probably even the people I thought were impressed by it weren't impressed by it and just why are you doing it. So my goal is not to be a body builder anymore it is not to be respected around the world for my level of fitness and my six pack abs. It is you know it again goes back to what that mission statement that goal was. I want to be lean I want to be healthy I want to enjoy wearing my clothes you know and not feeling like my clothes wear me. And if you're going to do that you don't need to spend too much time working on bicep curls so I focus on very functional fitness so like Brad was talking about pull ups you want to engage these large muscle groups they're gonna have the biggest bang for your buck for the time you're putting in so pull ups are fantastic. Pushups are fantastic. If you have access to weights either at your gym or at home you know if you're doing it at home you just get a barbell and a few weights squats and deadlift deadlifts are amazing people hate deadlifts but they are just phenomenal if you have them at home. Just go do them a few times a day. Try and get three sets and every single day. And you're activating your metabolism around the clock it couldn't be more simple.
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3999 - 4036 Brad Barrett Yeah that's that is really really great advice. And you know for me I certainly do a little bit of training at the gym. But for me it's much more about these body weight exercises so you know I'm constantly doing just sets of pushups I'll build them into my day where you know literally I'm taking a break you know for work I'll just drop and do a set of pushups just kind of building it into the day I leave my pullup bar up in the doorframe you know just go by and do a set of pullups. This is not you know setting up to do an hour of exercise which you know works obviously for many people but for me just building it into the day is just much more effective.
4036 - 4071 Jonathan Mendonsa You know and back in the quote unquote stone age. You just you had this physical activity spread throughout your day as the normal course of life and you just don't have that in this you know first world country that we live in where everything is brought to you and you have a remote control so you don't have to go turn on the TV yourself. You're in a position where you can just sit still for eight hours a day here. But it's not good for your body and you. You know what Brad is talking about is basically building physical activity into his day spread throughout the day and I remember when I was at my leanest I would have my workouts Yes. But I also would just sporadically just do physical exercise and it just keeps your metabolism going around the clock.
4071 - 4106 Brad Barrett Yeah it's cool because we've kind of built this now into our family time. So you know my kids are getting to see. So you know I've been doing this for you know a couple of years and now my wife Laura has started to do pushups and and different type of exercises. And you know we'll literally do that at 7:00 o'clock at night. Well just in the living room sit there and do exercise for a couple minutes and you know my my younger daughter Molly my older daughter Anna is well she. She gets out but Molly especially she loves watching us do this exercise and now she's emulating and she's actually taking part in.
4106 - 4108 Jonathan Mendonsa So you're Modeling it for your kids which is really.
4108 - 4220 Brad Barrett It's so awesome. I mean it really really is so awesome. And you know just kind of real super quick aside you know kind of a force multiplier as I call them the things that have been really beneficial for me specifically exercise wise is one is a free thing which I'll mention now is there's a guy named Mark Devine who is a former Navy SEAL commander. He runs a Web site called SEAL fit dotcom. OK. So if you go to SEAL fit dot com forward slash yoga there. He calls them warrior yoga. OK. So he instituted this with a lot of his Navy SEALs and you know when you go through it I can see why there's I think it's a warrior you're short form a and b. OK. I would highly recommend just pop onto that Web site and check it out there. Five minute little yoga sessions which you know might sound woo woo to you guys out there who aren't into yoga but man is that just great functional fitness that will beat the heck out of you. Honestly if you do five minutes of that I do that every single morning. So I do this one like 40 second little thing that you repeat five to seven times. And you know what he always recommends is kind of like building the breathing into it. So you know at first as Tim Ferriss likes to joke I was you know breathing through my mouth like a you know asthmatic monkey and you know just sucking air. I mean even just doing this five minutes of yoga. But now I've gotten to the point where I know my breathing system is good enough and efficient enough that I can do it entirely through my nose in a very controlled manner. And like as silly as that sounds. Man that was such an accomplishment when I was able to do that and you know it is just great exercise. I've seen you know muscles that I've never seen before and I attribute it to a large degree to that particular thing and it's free.
4220 - 4375 Jonathan Mendonsa That's cool. And I love the fact you do with your family I do with my wife. I think I'll probably incorporate my kids into it when I'm taking what I'm doing cardio. You know I can take my dogs for a walk. That can be a cardio you can build this into your life. You don't need to go do anything you know completely crazy so I think we've kind of gone through so far. That's pretty much everything I'm doing I'll weigh myself on a daily basis that that skill can never go up if it goes up or if it you know if it's not going down over the course of a week you might be doing something wrong to tweak it. You cannot afford when you going to lose 30 pounds in three months to have a bad day. You just don't have time to catch up to your mistakes so you know when you listen to the podcast and you think you know I am going to take some of this or all of this you know hopefully you're not or if maybe you're in the position that you don't need any of it in which case I'm surprised you're listening to this. But if you want to take part of it or all that you know you can think about how intense you want to be what are your goals if you want to do it in three months you can kind of follow some of the things that I said if you want an idea of some of the meals I'm eating I'm going to document some of the ones on there. I don't have one that I feel particularly passionate about. Typically I go with healthier carbohydrates. I try to keep them balanced. I don't mind doing breads but they're going to be. And cereals as long as they're healthy like Hashi would be you know healthy cereal I might have in the morning that's high protein I would that with maybe almond milk or something like that for lunch maybe I'll have a salad or maybe a Panini probably not just because of how much I need I need how much weight I'm trying to lose in a short period of time and for dinner it's going to be a protein and it's going be a sweet potato or something like that. And then there's a million ways to do that differently. But you know if you decide I want to do I want to be that intense now or do a transformation you know if you're doing a transformation it's pretty cool especially if you know you're going to do it are going to tell everybody about it you're super psyched you can't see how you're going to mess it up. Take a before and after picture because that's a pretty short period of time to do it and make sure you're weighing yourself every single day. Document the weight on some sort of sheet of paper. You need to always be you know looking for it to go down by point two you need to make sure you're weighing apples to apples so if you're weighing yourself you weigh yourself at the same time every single day. You all do it on an empty stomach after you've used the bathroom for the first time of the day before you had any meals that you're always looking for that trend line to go down and then you got to figure out if you're not going fast enough because you're trying to hit 30 pounds over three months. How can I. Because you can't do anything about your metabolism and you could only decrease your calories so low. You know I would say probably around for a female the lowest you'd want to get would be 1200 for a male loess probably 1500. My maintenance calories if I were to stay at the same weight would probably be around 20 500 calories a day. And so because you can only go so low if you need to go past that and that means you need to be exercising more because you need to burn those extra calories.
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4375 - 4419 Brad Barrett I would just say you know to and this is don't get bogged down in the details. Right. Jonathan is doing this amazing transformation. You know he understands that's not sustainable for his entire life. You know to do to go crazy like this for for a year two years five years you know he has a very specific goal in three months. But what we're talking about and what hopefully you're taking away is the little hacks. You know we probably mention what 30 50 hacks alone. You know if you take a couple of those away you're going to be so much better off healthwise a year or two from now. And man if you can start building more and more of them into your life it's going to be a total it's going to be a transformation just not in three months maybe it's 24 months. And that's pretty darn good.
4419 - 4481 Jonathan Mendonsa But there's been a lot of fun. I think it's a nice tie in to the one that we did earlier which is the the ultimate Costco meal plan and America's food obsession that podcast so if you listen to that all everything that we said in those podcasts is still true we're still using all of that stuff. The budget the amount of money that we talked about in terms of what you need to spend you know how much time you should be putting in all that ties into this one but this is how you take that information and all those actionable tips and then you apply it to new transformation or a lifestyle change that's the next step so I hope you've enjoyed this story and that you check in with us next time as we kind of maybe do an update and see how this is going. So we mentioned a lot of links in this episode. If you want to go back and hear the first half of our healthy living 101 podcast the first episode that we talked about that end was episode 7 of his podcast titled Congratulations America you're fat and broke. You can access that podcast at Choose FI dot com slash 007.
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