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1 - 8 Jonathan Mendonsa OK guys welcome back. This is your Friday roundup Welcome to the show. I have Brad here with me just back from his vacation. How are you doing Brad.
8 - 29 Brad Barrett I am doing wonderfully. Jonathan Yeah I'm back in Richmond and yeah it's a really successful trip when as I've said before you went on a 17 day vacation which was pretty wild to be able to take take that much time off. It's funny even though I've been out of my nine to five for two and a half years it's still that mentality of wow 17 days that's a crazy amount of time to take off. So it's very cool.
29 - 38 Jonathan Mendonsa Nice. And you made it back just in time for this mindblowing eclipse that we had aka A cloud passed over the sun for 15 seconds.
38 - 49 Brad Barrett Yeah we were outside and it kind of got a little bit dark. And yeah you couldn't see anything but yeah It was. It was still kind of a cool experience. I watched it on CNN a little bit. What about you.
49 - 82 Jonathan Mendonsa We actually made the cereal boxes so I wanted to go by the glasses. Well I didn't actually. That's not true. My wife wanted to buy the glasses. But in the back of my mind I saw Frank from our Facebook group calling me a lemming over purchasing other refuse to buy the glasses but then I saw that you could make the the boxes the cereal boxes and you look in the back and you see the reflection of it. So I actually made that was pretty cool. We took a couple of pictures and basically just looks like a staring at the ground. But we did it and my wife got a huge kick out of the fact that we put the time in to make those. And it was kind of neat. You saw the little crescent half eaten moon pie. So it was kind of cool.
82 - 211 Brad Barrett Nice. Now that is very cool. Yeah it's funny. Could you imagine like going on a vacation to watch the eclipse and literally one cloud passes by for three minutes and the whole thing is just shot to hell. How frustrating that would be. I mean people are spending like hotels where multiple times what they normally are in these places and yeah like just to be stuck to the whim of one particular cloud. But I know it's a total aside but I was just thinking how frustrating that would be. But yeah just going back to my trip for a quick second. It was amazing. I mean we took like this ultra frugal trip and it was really about family and connections and staying with friends. I mean we we spent. So it was I think it was 16 nights and we actually spent zero dollars on lodging for 16 nights of a vacation. So it was really pretty remarkable. We stayed well of course we use credit card points so you know our travel hacking as we always talk about here we wound up staying in Niagara Falls for only one night but we we used only four thousand Starwood points. So this is why I constantly talking about how valuable Starwood points are. There was this great four points Sheraton Hotel there and that was just like a block off of off of the falls essentially. And it was only four thousand points a night. I mean that was a wonderful redemption. So that was a big one. We went to staying in my wife's college town she went to SUNY Geneseo and yeah we use we actually paid cash to stay at a Hampton Inn. But since Laura used her Capital One Sparke miles card we were able to wipe the expense down to zero. So those were our two like hotel nights and they still cost us $0 so other times we stayed with family in the Adirondacks and with Laura's family as they talked about a couple of prior podcasts. When I was recording from the basement and we stayed there for like eight nights and then had friends over in Buffalo. I mean this really wonderful trip was essentially just cost gas. That was it. So it was it was a big savings. Big frugal trip.
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211 - 214 Jonathan Mendonsa I'm super excited that you guys were able to pull that off. How long did you spend planning.
214 - 219 Brad Barrett So this was all Laura. I had nothing to do with it which is pretty really pretty nice.
219 - 220 Jonathan Mendonsa Nice job Laura.
220 - 261 Brad Barrett Yeah she's a rock star. I mean she planned this entire year like slow travel kind of trip through New York State really to me at first sounded kind of random. I mean like I don't know. It's not a dream vacation right. Like oh we're going to go through New York State. But I mean we probably drove well over 700 miles just in New York state itself. And it's really quite a diverse place. I mean you think of the city. But we went to the Adirondacks. We drove all the way basically east to west across the state to Niagara Falls and then Buffalo and it was a really just a really cool trip. So yeah I mean it wasn't all that hard to put together. We just had to coordinate with some family members and our friends and yeah Laura made it happen so it was really wonderful time.
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261 - 324 Jonathan Mendonsa I think that aspect of slow travel is something that we need to spend more time talking about and just contrast that with. It goes but it all ties back together you talked about how you had this luxurious 17 day window. And I just remember and can think about continually The idea of taking 17 days off the amount of work that starts to pile up that you start to have panic attacks because it's going to be waiting for you when you get back. And so inevitably you try to cram everything as quickly as possible and you try to speed up the travel part as quickly as possible so that it doesn't cut into your vacation. What if the travel is actually just built into the vacation you're not in the rush you have the time to make the pit stops you get to explore these really diverse and beautiful places that with the run of the mill traveling that you do you never get a chance. There Drive-Bys there flybys but you actually get a chance to go inside the little shops go inside the local businesses and get a chance to be a part of these different communities as you are on this vacation. It's actually built into it. I think that that is something that would be very rewarding. It makes traveling a lot more fun and it makes a 700 mile car drive something that you will end up talking about for years to come.
324 - 485 Brad Barrett Yeah I think you're exactly right. And man I cant tell you. I mean just in the couple of days that I've been back maybe a handful of people already just from the few people that I've seen said to me like oh wow. How do you need a vacation from your vacation. You know like that typical like age old response. Because people expect you to be go go go right on vacation and it being like a stressful thing. And to me that comes down to expectations management and this kind of transcends travel. I mean this is just kind of life in general like I mean we didn't we don't go on vacation to see every possible thing we can see and feel every minute and just be stress right. I mean like even though you're on vacation people are stressed on vacation because they feel like they have to maximize every second of it and maybe in fairness that's in my case because we are at FI whatever you want to call it. And we do have a lot of time so I admit fully that I have the luxury of that but still it's also a mindset. Even when we went to Disney World a couple years ago it was that expectations management. So we were only there for five days. So I mean nobody could argue that this was a 20 day trip and we had the luxury of time. We just said to ourselves our luck. Everybody comes home stressed as all can be after a Disney vacation because there's so much to see and you want to cram everything in and you spend so much money and all this stuff and we just said to ourselves we don't want this to be a miserable trip. So every single day we're going to go back to the hotel for a couple hours and eat lunch and go in the pool and relax and just chill out basically and we'll do a morning session we'll do an afternoon or evening session at the parks and that'll be that. And if we miss things we just miss them and we don't care. And our kids certainly don't care because they wouldn't even know right and so like everybody tries to pack things in because oh their kids need to see every single thing and like I was just not appealing to us. We just wanted to take a nice chill vacation. And that was exactly like this trip. We did a bunch of things. I mean we went into New York City saw the Statue of Liberty. We went to Fire Island which is a really cool barrier island off of Long Island and saw Niagara Falls and we packed a lot of stuff in but it was just nice and chill. And it was almost alternating days between doing something and just relaxing by the pool or walking around Loras College or just something nice and chill. So I guess the message would be go into a vacation or or any aspect of real life. I hate to say low expectations because that's not what I'm trying to imply but just simple expectations. If you try to see everything you try to do everything inevitably it's going to lead to stress so to me that's just not the right way to approach things in my life that works. Obviously everybody has their own perspective but I think it's something that is always worth noting.
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485 - 601 Jonathan Mendonsa So much to hit on there are two points in particular. The first one is my usual confession. I was one of the people that said Brad you need a vacation from your vacation. I thought I was being very original. Apparently that's a go to line for many people. I think it's going to require reorientation on my part because I'm one of those people that has been in my 9:00 to 5:00 and can and when I have those few days that I've clawed away for my family I get a cramp every little activity and so this was this is a very good conversation just for me personally to consider because I identify with the fact that Time is a tool that you can put in your back pocket and you can spend it and use it in ways that you want that are no longer dictated by your 9:00 to 5:00. And so this is this is what the execution of that looks like. And this is what the mental game for that looks like Don't waste opportunities like a vacation and allow yourself to get pulled into these stressful situations. Focus on what's important which is that quality time with your family. And when you realize that time is a tool there's many different ways that you can apply that. You know this isn't going to be the last time you can take a vacation. This is not the only vacation you're going to get this year. You're in a situation where you get to determine the priorities and you get to spend that time in the ways that you want. FI allows you to reclaw your time back. And I just think this is what execution of that looks like and it doesn't need to be this overly hyped overly glamorous thing. It could just be quality time with your family exploring the various parts of New York. So that's really cool. Second point. This ties in so perfectly to what we just talked about on Monday because Monday's episode talked about an individual Scott making a choice with his family to leave the 9-5 and pursue this documentary while slow traveling around the United States and exploring the in his words the eclectic characters of five people that have found a way to break the hamster wheel get off that cycle and pursue their passions and their dreams and explore what those infinite number of possibilities does really cool paths that you can choose to get to FI actually look like and I cannot wait to actually jump into this episode.
601 - 628 Brad Barrett Yeah agreed. I thought one of the coolest quotes from Scott's episode was from his wife which is what if we get a camper and do this all on the road. And that was just so awesome. Like Scott's wife is an absolute rock star and we're going to talk about this the next couple of minutes certainly. But I mean just the fact that Scott was so excited and right Jonathan he sounds exactly like you. Like ultra exuberant about everything and you can just picture like what his wifes. I mean you especially can picture what his wife's response is right.
628 - 631 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah I get that pat on the head all the time.
631 - 753 Brad Barrett Oh I can imagine. I can only imagine what Danny thinks when you come up with some wacky idea and sorts some amazing new passion that you just picked up and I could feel that from Scott. Right. So but how cool was it. Basically in three months. They turned their entire lives upside down to pursue FI and then like he said they're making this yearlong adventure to quit his job. Travel across the country meet all these people explore the FI community. They're going to visit their family each of their respective families for a few months and do like what I said which is essentially live for free and have no rent no house payments for months at a time when they visit each of their families and then do this slow travel across the country not only to visit people but to see where they want to live. And he said something to the effect of spend a month in each of a couple of different places and see how they really like living there like who has the opportunity to do that. I mean what I normally hear which with my FI lens on the world which always makes me crazy is people move to a different city and without even living there without knowing anything about it essentially. Other than a day long or a week weekend long trip they buy a house and I'm like my brain is exploding when I hear this and like like we know people from around here who have two different families I can think of that did that. And it's just crazy to me that you would move without having some sense of like the exact like micro neighborhood where you want to live. Or oh there's this plus or minus of our area. And like I think that gets to kind of a larger point of people's house obsessions right Jonathan. We have we've kind of been talking about doing that episode for maybe five months now about the buy versus rent and things like that. And I promise out there to the audience that we are getting on this. But yeah I mean just take your time. I think that's probably like a larger point. It really does matter where you live and your happiness matters. Like don't just go somewhere and freaking buy a house. It just seems crazy to me. So anyways that that's kind of a random tangent but but it really did remind me of that when when Scott was talking about them I was just so very impressed by their decision.
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753 - 819 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah I think it comes down to that idea at least with what you're talking about of strategy. What is your strategy and your home purchase should help you to some degree advance your strategy. Now it doesn't mean that everybody's going to have the same plan in place and you could certainly win by renting. You could certainly win by purchasing a home but most of your choices especially the major ones that affect your financial outcomes should have some thought process or strategy behind it. And Scott is the perfect illustration of the different concepts that we talked about earlier. One design your future right. Right. I mean this is this is what that looks like. And then when you come up with your idea how do you make it even bigger and then how do you make it even bigger still stretch yourself. Dominics words to use those when you're designing your future it should scare you a little bit. It should be something that's exciting maybe something that makes you nervous to the point that thinking about it right now makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit start to be more creative with what this future is actually going to look like. So I'm not saying that you need to execute on that but you need to stretch yourself just a little bit and certainly you could say that Scott doing this would certainly meet that criteria at every level. And I think it's going to be a wonderful decision for them.
819 - 918 Brad Barrett Yeah I completely agree and I imagine when Dominic Listened to this episode and you talk about design your future how Scott framed this around happiness and he had that little thing and that he did with his wife where he asked her to write down a list of things that make you happy on a weekly basis. And yeah as you bring up Dominic that just reminds of something that he might do for people that he coaches or some such and it was just such an inspired thing that Scott did and when his wife came back with that list it was all a list of things that they could do living anywhere. It didn't matter if they lived in beautiful Coronado or anywhere. Essentially right. It was read her baby a book listen to her baby laugh go for a walk with the family have a glass of wine eat chocolate and things like that like those are things you can do anywhere. And I think when most of us really reflect on what makes us happy it has very very little to do with your area, high cost of living or low cost of living area. It's the people you're with it's your family it's your connections it's those type of real fundamental things. And yeah I mean again absolutely inspired by Scott and just you know the fact that his wife and this is not to pick on wives or husbands. It has nothing to do with gender. By any means it was just that Scott found this first and then had to basically convince his wife. But I mean the fact that she was so with this is really a remarkable thing. In three months from him listening to that Tim Ferriss podcast on February 13th of 2017 to making this decision to upend their life and that is really pretty remarkable Yeah that support system that structural support system.
918 - 986 Jonathan Mendonsa I mean really she's the unsung hero of this past week's episode. We spent this entire time talking putting the focus on Scott's decision tree. But this only works because Taylor said Scott why don't we go and just get a camper and do this slow travel thing for a year. She's the unsung hero of this story and it really is remarkable that she met him halfway on this idea and it's what makes it possible and we're all going to benefit from it. So a personal thank you to Taylor for saying yes. Next thing he did here Brad sell your value first. Scott is the perfect example of what selling your value looks like first. he didn't just create a documentary spend $100000 or $200000 and then it's out Oh I wonder if anybody will watch it. He reached out to his network and he actually created a network from scratch. She went from knowing nobody to reaching out to. In this case it was Brad and me and Brad and I Brad and Brad in me. I'm going to go with one of them and you pick on which one is right and just see whether or not there was interest there. And then he rapidly expanded that to the other players that could help him achieve and realize this dream. And he quickly saw that there was huge interest in seeing this idea come to life. And so there's so much to touch on here that it's its own episode.
986 - 1057 Jonathan Mendonsa But this idea of using your network and if you don't have a network in the space that you want to have position yourself to access somebody else's and build trust and build trust quickly which is an idea that he hit on and even as I'm saying this to you I'm saying this to you from the perspective of someone that actually saw this happen he did this. When I talked about how if you don't have a network you should position yourself to access someone else's He accessed ours. And I've got a front row seat to actually see what this looks like when it's executed perfectly and it's a beautiful thing. And if I'm going to take just a second to expand on that idea it was just incredible to see how quickly he was able to build this trust inside of our community and so he is connected now with people in the Chatauqua in Ecuador in the U.K. He's going to be with us down to Camp mustache. He's been invited to fincon. I mean this is what it looks like to do it in a very genuine honest winwin way. And so there's pieces there to latch onto. This is what networking when it's done right. Actually looks like it's not glad handing handing out your business cards. It's this idea of creating true friends with people and then relying on friends for things that you need down the road that will help everybody out. It's a win win situations.
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1057 - 1196 Brad Barrett Yeah this really was a case study in networking and like you said that the genuine human connection. I mean I know I personally connected with Scott immediately and now was a big deal to me. Why I went to bat for him. So he sent us a voicemail and he was just so excited and I mean we literally I think I jumped on the phone with him within 24 hours of getting that voicemail. And Scott is just an exuberant guy he's a talker. I mean he we were on the phone for like 90 minutes. I think that first day and I could just feel the passion and I knew instantly that I wanted to help him because I thought this was a great idea for a project so obviously I want the FI community to grow. So clearly there is some interest on my part. I wouldn't say self-interest but just interest on my part to seeing the community grow. But I thought that he was the person to do it based on his background based on his passion based on his story. So it was someone that I wanted to go to bat for and if he was just some kind of jerk or pompous about all these things that he could do and how he X Y and Z like it just wouldn't have connected with me. But I instantly connected with Scott and not for nothing but I've built up this network in the community where I have trust and where people do know and liked or whatever you want to call me personally. And when I set up these connections with him people are going to get on the phone with him or email with him. So it's a good foot in the door for him. But Scott brought it home. I mean I had nothing to do with that. He convinced people that this is a project that is going to be real and is going to be significant and that he would love to have their help and their input. And I mean people just jumped on this. It's really been pretty remarkable. And now I mean Scott has gone way beyond us here certainly like like we always say like this is not none of this is about us you know ChooseFI we don't have delusions of grandeur. We just want this community to grow at the Fi community. So I mean Scott now like Jonathan said every time we talk to him he's involved in something else he's got. He's going down to Ecuador for the Chatauqua he's been in touch with Alan and they have plans for the future. And like you know he just all these things that just give me a remarkable remarkable project and I know just from talking to him behind the scenes like he has really really big plans for this so I mean this could be the moment that FI goes mainstream. Right Jonathan I mean that's not inconceivable.
1196 - 1277 Jonathan Mendonsa Oh it's beyond not inconceivable in my mind it's predictable at this point I mean this this community and the interest in this idea has been on what we've called a hockey stick trajectory for the last I would say a year or two and it's been waiting for that door to be opened. And it's not just me and you realize this we have people in our community that actually have reached out to him and partnered with him on this. He's actually gotten access to a Emmy nominated production team. And on top of that they've made connections with people that have actually produced award winning documentaries that are now mentoring them through this process and giving them access to those channels. This thing has been the fire has been lit under this documentary and it is racing toward the finish line and we can't wait to share the updates with you guys and be there when it lands because you were there behind the scenes for this entire journey. But aside from that just watching Scott continue to be consistent with the message that we've talked about which is using your network relying on your network expanding your network and implementing these different ideas that we talked about frankly with Alan Donnegan on selling your value first it's kind. I just like I like the idea of taking people that have used these skills in radically different ways but it all comes back to this core message and the fact that he is able to do this while pursuing fi and at the same time talking about fi is like to me the ultimate example of what we're trying to get across with this design your future my friends. And don't limit yourself.
1277 - 1323 Brad Barrett Yeah. I just wanted to quickly plug as Jonathan mentioned US keeping you guys updated with the documentary and such. And Scott definitely plans to do that. I know we mentioned his Web site on the Monday episode but I want to reiterate it's playing with fire. CO. So if you sign up there there's a subscribe button I think at the bottom of the homepage it's pretty obvious. And you know you'll get every time he sends out updates or post something new. You can just automatically get an update. So I mean this is really the most exciting thing going on in the FI community in my opinion over the next year. So there is no reason not to head over to playing with fire dot CO and just sign up for that subscription and you'll get all the updates. I think that's a couple of seconds well spent certainly.
1323 - 1463 Jonathan Mendonsa All right now page sent us an e-mail. I think it adds some important context and it's about limiting beliefs. And she prefaced it by saying this is coming from a super supportive place. But in the episode with Scott you talked about the documentary not letting people off the hook. And then you said it's impossible to live in San Diego in the San Diego area for $50000 a year. So Paige says she's not going to let us off the hook for that one. She says I live in L.A. which is arguably more expensive than San Diego on $30000 a year and that includes a mortgage and student loans. My partner lives on about $10000 a year because he paid for his half of their house with cash. Now we don't have kids but I think we could very reasonably add one for $10000 a year. So you can live in California for $50000 a year if you want to. And she's added this extra thought which we don't hit on this and often it's because we just haven't had enough episodes under our belt. I think by the time we come to the end of our first or second year a lot of the stuff we will be able to hit on. But Paige says I've come to realize over the course of the last two years and this year especially that I may be living a somewhat intense lifestyle now I never saw it that way before because I had never earned enough to live and save just enough to live. So it never seemed extreme until it became a choice. My partner was able to save enough to achieve financial independence in L.A. never really earning more than $50000 a year. He believes in the retire often approach so he has pursued a lot of passion projects by taking time off and still got to fire by 45 and again. And she's she's sent us some stuff before. She says it's all about savings rate. So I get it. If you're talking within the context of little tweaks Yes but if you want to live in a high cost of living area and you want to fire on a low income you can do it you may just need to be a little more intense. So they just wanted to chime in and not let people in California. Another high cost of living areas off the hook. That's nice. I like that because I think all of us tend to latch onto the reasons that we can't do stuff oh well he said people in San Diego we can't fire on a low income we can't hit this. We have to move and we're not going to move. So this doesn't work for us and that's a set of living beliefs because there are people in every walk of life and every aspect of life in every socio economic circle that figured out a way to be slightly more creative than you and you can learn from them and be slightly more creative than your neighbor. And it's just finding someone to model your journey that's found a way to do something that you hadn't thought of yet. Look at the problem slightly differently.
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1463 - 1629 Brad Barrett Yeah and I'm glad that Paige didn't let us off the hook here. I like this. And she is one of our super users right Jonathan she's constantly sending us e-mails with really value added stuff and you know frankly I like having her and her partner on the podcast for an episode to talk through their lives. I mean that sounds pretty interesting to me like I just thought of that while you're reading her email. But she said her pardoner reach FI in California by 45 and not ever really making more than $50000 a year. So I mean I guess one of our criticisms that we received is that many of the people who come in are podcasts or engineers or doctors or whomever and they make a decent amount of money. So having the FI perspective from a slightly lower income level it would be very valuable. So I think if we don't have them on and someone similar certainly I think I would add a lot of context to people. And but as far as thinking about a problem differently. So I was actually just listening to Paula pants afford anything podcast. And I think it came out a couple of days ago and she was talking about precisely that about the high cost of living areas which is what Paige was talking about in her e-mail which it's just thinking a little bit differently. Like who says that 35 year old can't have a roommate. That was something that Paula Paula made that point like everybody says everybody says quote unquote in society like once you reach a certain age you shouldn't have a roommate or something like that. Like it's it's not a sign of maturity. But Paula's contention was OK well that's fine. Everybody says that but I can save a whole heck of a lot of money if I share an apartment with a roommate or multiple roommates or even she said something to the effect of everybody says when you have kids you could never have a roommate. But she had multiple examples in her extended family and friends circle of people who did precisely that and are on the path to FI. So it's not that I'm necessarily advocating that plus or minus. I don't I don't really care but it's just when everybody says something you don't have to believe it. And I think we fell prey to that here with Scott's episode of of just kind of flippantly saying oh you could never live in San Diego or in not for under $50000 a year or you could never pursue FI on that income. And that is just patently false as Paige proved to us. Right. So we have limiting beliefs and we have things that we just kind of flippantly say because that's what we've been trained to do. And that's just not good enough. So I really really appreciate that Paige reach out to us on this because it just illuminates an example of hey guys you talk about this all the time but even you have these limiting beliefs sometimes so if we have it and we talk about this many many hours a week then everybody has and we all just need to think a little bit differently. So yeah a huge thank you to Paige.
1629 - 1750 Jonathan Mendonsa And in my mind I view it as this decision tree that everybody needs to slowly start working through. And the two most obvious lovers are is that you have offense and defense and you need to play both of those and you need to figure out where you want to start. And if you decide that making more money isn't an option then you're going to need to be a little bit more aggressive with your defense you're going to need to have a rock solid defense and you're going to need to be more creative. You're never going to get a $200000 lifestyle for thirty thousand dollars you're actually justin from root of good might contest that. But in general if you decide that you're going to fire on $30000 a year making more isn't an option. You're going to need to be very creative with that defense and this isn't to say that you need to geoarbitrage But if we can provide you by finding people that have already done it. A diverse array of different tools and levers that you can pull that will work with the strategy that you've decided to implement that you're going to be really well off and you don't have to do everything. But you're going to have to do something creative in order to make it work. And you just ultimately have to pull the levers that you're comfortable with pulling. And if it's geo arbitrage that could be a game changer for you but if it's not geo arbitration I suspect that you're going to need to look at how to do housing in a more creative manner and then you can figure out what that looks like. It could be a roommate or it could be a house hacking situation where you live for free doesn't matter which one you choose. We're not making we're not putting our value judgments on you for that. But you need to understand the rules of how this game is played. And it helps when you have people model it for you. And by the way for those of you that are thinking that Paige is living in a van down by the river page actually wanted to post out at the bottom why we live in a nice three bedroom two bath house the house is a fixer and we're still working on it. But we aren't in a storage container or tiny house or living in a van down by the river. So there's also a few people on Mr. Money Mustache forum living extremely frugal lifestyle in the L.A. area. So she says I am not unique. Anyway Paige thank you so much for sending us your thoughts. And I think it really did add to this conversation so we appreciate another rant. Those are your words. We appreciate your rants and we hope that you will continue to send them to us as they catch your fancy.
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1750 - 1990 Brad Barrett I think what Paige said about about intensity right like that that might be a truth. And again I hate to paint broad strokes here but is it harder to reach by on a $50000 a year income in Los Angeles or Iowa. I suspect strongly that it's Los Angeles. Right. Like so two pages point she just needs to be a little more intense. And I think that's something that you know we should all kind of keep in our mind not the intensity per se but just that. OK. Well we all make decisions right. And that's something that at Choose FI. Jonathan I constantly talk about we're not here to dictate. There are no absolutes that you must follow to be a member of the Choose FI family that has nothing of what we preach at all. It's everybody makes choices everybody has a value system. And as long as you're being intentional and you're thinking through a decision then we could never fault any decision by that said living in a high cost of living area is going to in my opinion be slightly more difficult to reach FI now does that mean it's impossible. No but you might need to be a little more intense in some aspects so I've talked many many times in this podcasts about how I picked up and moved. We lived on Long Island which is you know a suburb of New York City and it is expensive there and just flat out. You know taxes on on houses there are 10 to $15000 a year house prices in any kind of a town we wanted to live in. Easily over 400000. And like we talked about on Scott's episode it's the add ons it's everything. Car insurance was three times what I'm paying here in Richmond and buying gas to heat your home in the winter. I mean I know my in-laws spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars every single month like it's all these things. But I guess the question that I think about is could we have achieved FI could we have reached FI if we lived on long island. And I think the answer is yes we clearly could have but it would have been more difficult. And in our opinion we would have always had to have given something up that was important to us and maybe in fairness since I don't know I haven't lived there for 12 years. Maybe we could have been slightly more intense like Paige said or done something that was slightly out of the ordinary and made it happen so that we didn't have to give anything up. But at least in our brains that was the decision. So we picked up and moved and you know almost similar to how Scott did it. Like Laura and I try to think back to that decision point. And we didn't sit there and labor over the decision for months and go back and forth and worry about whether it would work or if our family would be mad or anything. We just sat there and said A This will be a fun adventure and B. It is going to give us the opportunity to have the lives that we want. And one of those things even though when we were kids you know we were 25 26 years old when we made this decision. We knew that we were going to have kids someday in the not too distant future and that in our perfect world scenario we wanted Laura to stay home with the kids. And that was something that thankfully was on our mind at that age and we were able to achieve that. And again in our opinion without doing something crazy intense would not have been able to do that on Long Island. It just would not have been possible based on the structure that we were living under. So at this point what's amazing actually is that in two weeks from now my youngest daughter Molly is going to go to kindergarten and Laura will have stayed home with the kids without really working for a little bit during tax busy season every year. But she stayed home with the kids for over nine years. Nine and a quarter years. And that's actually that chapter of our lives is coming to an end in two weeks now which is pretty bittersweet but it's amazing that we were able to do that and constructed this plan for our lives and we succeeded at it wildly and while pursuing FI and nearly achieving FI or depending on your definition achieving FI. So our plan has worked wonderfully and at this point it is kind of bittersweet that that chapter of our lives is quickly coming to a close.
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1990 - 2052 Jonathan Mendonsa I think what you said there is really insightful and I think it's probably a fear that a lot of us have. And just to kind of dive into what I mean by that especially when you're making a lot of traction maybe as a couple in your 20s early 30s and your dual income baby or dual income no kids transitioning to now maybe have a kid on the way. It can be a little bit daunting and maybe even a little bit scary because if all of the math that you've done to reach your FI number was based on two incomes and suddenly that is cut in half or some percentage that is going to change the equation. So I think to see what other people have done and that it is still possible is so important. But I just want to encourage you by saying there are people that have done this that make less than you and have had to make harder choices and you will have to make. And you can still get to FI. So don't allow that shadow of doubt that limiting belief to creep into your life that says we're a single income family I can't do this anymore. I live in a high cost of living area. This doesn't apply to me. It does work for you. And you're going to need to figure out what levers you can still pull to allow yourself to get there.
2052 - 2302 Brad Barrett That touches on something that I actually want to spend a larger amount of time than just today maybe even on a Monday episode on which is a real close friend of mine from back home. I was speaking with him recently and he listened to a bunch of our early podcasts episodes and he actually stopped listening. And he I asked him why. Because you know I thought he was just someone who would eat this up. But he said that he kind of got frustrated because he realized that like he's done everything wrong in life quote unquote financially and it just didn't seem like it was for him. And that was completely understandable. And I do see where he's coming from. And but also at the same point it was really demoralizing for me because it means you know we're not getting this message across as well as possible and I think in fairness Jonathan you and I have been a lot better this after those those early episodes but you can be on this path to fi no matter where you are no matter who you are no matter what decisions you've made in the past it's about just being intentional and moving forward and just trying to get a little bit better in really in my opinion in every aspect of your life. This is like a total life optimization strategy in my opinion. But even just talking about the finances is you can do little things to move forward and it doesn't matter if you quote unquote done everything wrong you can still save money next month on your meal prep or you can save time by doing that you can shop around for auto insurance. You can do all sorts of things and we probably have a list of maybe 50 things and we should probably catalog these Jonathan and especially in a Facebook group of things that you could put into place in the next month that would actually move the needle. Right like changing your cell phone the things that we talked about on the pillars of FI. So changing your cell phone bill. People spend 80 to $100 a month on their cell phone. I spend about 12 to 15 on mine using Republic Wireless. That's a big difference. And if you have a couple of people in your family I mean that can save you $200 a month. That's $2400 a year. That's not an insignificant amount of money. And that's just something you can do in five seconds. There are many many of these things and it doesn't matter if maybe you have even you've even done some of the structural things quote unquote wrong. You bought an expensive house or an expensive car. Well that's all well and good. That doesn't mean you're doomed. I assume you're getting by even with these as you say wrong decisions. So you're not wallowing in debt you're making it OK. Well if you can then make a couple of better decisions no matter where you are. And again no matter who you are no matter how much money you make if you make slightly more optimize decisions going forward. Almost by definition you're going to be in a better place. Now does that mean you're going to reach fi in seven to 10 years. Like many people who started out and did this Exactly right If you will from the very beginning. No probably not. But are you going to be much much wealthier 20 30 40 years from now. Yes. I mean there's no question about that so. So fi and choose FI. This is not about being 20 years old or 22 years old getting out of college house hacking doing everything right from the first second and retiring at 34. Like that is not our only audience clearly. I mean we have people from 20 up to 80 in this audience. I mean it's everyone don't think and I get this so many times like oh we're in our 50s we started late or oh we thought we were doing well and now we hear all you young people who are retiring early well don't have those negative thoughts don't have those limiting beliefs like you did the best that you could in your situation and you made the right moves for your life. I don't want people feeling badly about themselves. Listen to this podcast like this is all about positivity and happiness and making life a little bit better. So again this is a much longer conversation than maybe just a couple of minutes that I spent on this little monologue here but it's really important that everyone gets their mind set right. There is no perfect person for FI. There's no perfect situation for FI. It's just about being a little bit better going forward and making your life a little happier. And like I said a little bit better. So that's kind of my deal and I think it's I think it's important that we all remember that.
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2302 - 2513 Jonathan Mendonsa And as a highlighter if you didn't listen to the round up this past Friday it featured a voicemail from Chris and Chris basically said he'd been following us from our first episode back in January. And over a period of about just three months he had implemented enough changes focusing on defense cutting out waste cutting out subscription services that weren't going to be used that within a 10 year period of time he anticipated saving $140000. Now just focus on that assuming that you're just breaking even right now and you haven't made any changes in your life and you have this currently what you've identified. I've been doing everything wrong. You know what that means there is a lot of waste in your life. There's a lot of places that you can optimize things and if you just take a three month period of time and go through all the different levers that you can pull and you start executing on some of these things that other people have figured out you go and you take a look at your car insurance your homeowner's insurance you take a look at your subscription services your food bill your cell phone bill money is leaking out of your budget. Instead of wondering where your money goes you start dictating the direction for your life and for your future. You tell your money exactly where to go and you place priorities on where that money is going. Based on the goals that you want to achieve and you plug those leaks and it just starts with a little bit of focus in 10 years you could save $140000 or more. And does that put you in a worse situation. Now if you look at it from the set of beliefs oh if I had found this 20 years ago no you found it. Now you didn't find it 10 years from now you found it. Now you have 10 years left in your timeline to make some small changes that will allow you to recapture $140000 with the savings. And do you think that by making those series of choices your life will be in a better shape your 10 year future self is begging you not to wallow in self-pity but to start taking action wakeup make a change a day that will allow you to be in better shape 10 years from now. So this is kind of interesting and this is an email that we got from Art vandalise interesting there's actually a person out there that has the same name as the architect from Seinfeld. What a coincidence. Really amazing. But Art vandalise says first guys I've listened to thousands of hours of many different types of podcasts many are boring most are poorly produced. I suffer through most for the possibility of finding a little nugget of knowledge or a giggle locked within. I found choose FI a few weeks ago and have now listened to every episode today. You both should be proud of the work you're doing. It seems like you've been doing this for years. There's nothing else like it in the podcast universe. It's entertaining informative professionally produced and just plain awesome. My lovely wife is onboard now to hard core fi after only a few weeks. We've always been pretty frugal but I've already saved thousands by using some simple changes from the show the cell phone cut the cable home energy tweaks and all the rules. By the way Brett We broke our budget down and we found that nearly $40000 a year just goes missing annually. We've got plans in place to reign all that in and have a set goal to max out my 401k 403B her 457 and both of our IRAs. Thank you so much. Lastly Maybe you should consider stopping the fire from spreading. Maybe it should be our little secret. Have we all forgotten that ridiculous consumption in spending is what feeds the global economy allowing our investments in VTSAX to thrive. Think of the economic damage if we were all FI. Consumer goods banks restaurants cable providers new car sales would all struggle to survive. So please shhh Let's keep the fire between us once again amazing job gentlemen. Art Van de la Art thanks so much for the feedback. We appreciate the compliment and also just the general thoughts and congratulations on these radical changes. This is what we're talking about. Your 10 year future self is so grateful to you today for the choices that you've decided to make your crushin it.
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2513 - 2773 Brad Barrett And this actually reminded me of one particular quote that Scott's wife asked him that he mentioned in the podcast which is why isn't everybody doing this. And he said that you know the logical thought is that it's too good to be true. And I hear a lot of this with the travel rewards stuff too it's people when they hear about it. Their minds are closed like they think that because they haven't heard of it or that it sounds so different from anything they've ever heard of that it is too good to be true. And I just hate that as we've said that limiting belief or just that closed mind and I don't know. I'm always open to new opportunities and new ideas like I just don't understand why so many people who frankly many of these people who are living paycheck to paycheck and are just getting through the day are not open to something that could potentially change their lives radically and in such a positive ways you know on some level I always wonder if they've been patched so many like sketchy things that many of these kind of shark salesman who hit them with fees and all these other things that they almost just close their mind to everything. And that's like a really sad way to go through life in my opinion. And I think you should understand and be skeptical of new things that everything is not what it seems. There are some unscrupulous people out there who are just trying to take your money but there are other instances where wow like there are reputable people doing this and this is not too good to be true. There are people that are succeeding in this. And you see just Jonathan and I'm very I'm a CPA Jonathon's a pharmacist. We're not too bozos off the street and you know we're people who have some credentials and are successful in our lives like if you join our Facebook group at choose FI dot com slash Facebook. You can see us personally. We're not sketchy people we're just regular guys. And if you can see that this is real and you join our Facebook group and you see now over twenty six hundred people in there and people are really doing this show like it's not too good to be true. But to get back to kind of Art's question about should we keep this to ourselves. I understand the point and I don't think at any point in time this fire concept is going to spread to even 10 percent of the population like that would be a miracle. And in my opinion but even one percent. Right. What do we have 300 plus 330 plus million people in America and that's just America. Obviously I don't want to exclude our international audience which is which is pretty amazing in and of itself. But just looking it from the small level American perspective would be over three million people who would be living a FI lifestyle if it's just 1 percent. Like is that going to change the economy for the worse. I understand what he's saying and I suspect some of it or most of it is tongue in cheek that everything would grind to a halt if we all didn't spend. And listen there are always going to be 90 plus percent of people in all likelihood who are going to keep going on their spending ways and keep the economy bustling. But I think it's our duty really to spread this superpower. And that's what we're constantly talking about is there are people in your life who are natural for this community. And you know that right because over the years or decades that you've known these people they may be have talked about their 401K or cutting coupons or just doing something little. Think about those people. And when we say the fire is spreading that's not just choose FI. This is not about ChooseFI at all. It's about growing this FI community. So how can you do that. And and this is incumbent upon you. We cannot do this ourself. We need you out there who are already listening to this podcast twice a week and reading Mr. Money Mustache and the mad fientists and coach Carson and 1500 days and all these places you're consuming this. But you can't just sit on and think about three people in your life who over the years that you've talked about something financial with and go out on a limb and send them are pillars of FI episodes send them the shockingly simple math behind early retirement. Article from Mr. Money Mustache right. Those are pretty easy ways to get people at least see if they're interested. Right. And like you just never know when you can build up that community. And you know Jonathan and I the new word that we're using is ecosystem. Like how can we create a community and this ecosystem that helps the entire FI community and that means you know we're going to start organizing local meet ups throughout certainly throughout America and hopefully throughout the world so like one thing we would love.
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2773 - 2787 Jonathan Mendonsa I just want to pause you for just a second. Just the fact that I get so excited when you said possibly the world. The idea of being able to organize local meet ups around the world sign me up please. I have my hand in the air right now. I want to be a part of that.
2787 - 2868 Brad Barrett Yeah. And why couldn't we travel right to these places then and pop into a meet up here or there like there's no reason that that can't happen like or even just like Skype and like how cool would that be if there was a meet up in I don't know Moscow. I think at one of our members and our Facebook group I think said he's from Moscow like why can't there be one there and why can't we Skype in like how freaking amazing would that be. But one thing I would like to ask for now and people to reach out to us is we are looking for leaders of these local meetup so if you live in St. Louis or Chicago or Milwaukee or Los Angeles or Dallas wherever you live and if you'd be interested in helping us organize these meet ups and you know we can't do it all. It's inconceivable you know and we can we can do the Richmond one maybe a DC one but we need your help. So if you want to build that community that we've been talking about for months now we really need you to reach out to us at feedback. at choose FI dot com. And just send us send us an e-mail and say hey I live in Boston and I'd love to be a leader of the community here and we're going to help facilitate that as best we can. And you don't need a group already. You don't need to be. I have friends who would be interested in this. You know we're going to we're going to do what we can over the next you know weeks months even years to try to build these groups and bring the FI community together. So that is a real goal. So again if you want to be a leader of one of these groups you know definitely please get in touch with us.
2868 - 2890 Jonathan Mendonsa So guys the Friday roundup serves two main purposes. The first purpose is that it allows us to discuss our takeaways from the Monday episode. The second purpose is that it allows us to open up the floor to our community to draw and feedback and new ideas. And today I have a voicemail to play for you from James who wanted to share his travel rewards redemption trip and give me just a second. Brad I will pull this up.
2890 - 2922 James - (voicemail contributor) Good morning guys. I want to call in and get my frugal win of the week using chase ultimate rewards points from our chase says our reserve sign up bonus. I've booked flights from Nashville to Athens Greece and then Dubrovnik Croatia back to Nashville for a two week trip to Europe. We transferred our ultimate rewards points to United and book those flights for 60000 points apiece round trip. Had we gone to the chase ultimate rewards website it would have been around 90000 of our points. So we get to keep those extra 30000 points for future travels.
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2922 - 2932 Jonathan Mendonsa That's pretty cool man. So that again is using United. I've found united to be very useful as well as it gives you tons of flexibility with where you go. And I think he said they went to Croatia. How incredible is that.
2932 - 3089 Brad Barrett Yeah that's definitely on the bucket list for. For my family for sure. I've certainly seen many many pictures. That's a future trip. But yeah I mean James hit this on the head. And what's so interesting actually Jonathan is that it's the exact opposite of what went down with your trip to South Africa. Right. So when you have Chase ultimate rewards points you have two main options you can always cash them out for one cent per point. But that's that's not the ideal. But for travel you have two options you can book through the chase ultimate rewards portal or you can transfer them to one of their travel partners. Right. And there are currently 11 of them of which united is generally our favorite for international flights. And what you did when when you booked your trip to South Africa is you said OK this is going to be 80000 miles if I transfer them to United and then book on let's say South African Airways. OK. Is they're Star alliance partner so you could just do that at the United website when you found the award availability which is you know pretty straightforward. Or I can at least mock it up through the chief's ultimate awards portal and see how many miles it's going to be. Maybe there are amazing deals from Richmond or Washington DC down to Cape Town and that was actually what you found. You don't remember the exact amount but you spent far fewer than 80000 chase ultimate rewards points each for each of those round trips. So that was an instance where there was a clear slam dunk winner. But in James's case where he said it would have been the opposite. Right. So he was able to transfer 60000 Chase ultimate rewards points to United for each round trip ticket to Europe. And that went up saving him. I think he said 30000 miles. So that's 30000 Chase Ultimate rewards points that are still sitting there that he did not need to use on this Europe trip and he can use for a future redemption. So that is just like the way that you want to approach having those points. And as we discussed previously those those are our favorite points to get started with just because they are so valuable and diverse with the transfer options. So you know he said Chase Sapphire reserved. There's also the Chase Sapphire preferred which is generally the first card that we recommend. There's like a chase Ink. Business preferred card and then some other cards like the chase freedom and freedom unlimited and things like that that that all the earn these ultimate rewards points so that is really a good place to start. And both your example Jonathan and James is really illustrated instances for the audience to learn like how you approach this concept mentally. So I think it's really valuable. And aside from that congrats James that's that's a killer trips and that's really really cool.
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3089 - 3145 Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah I kind of want to put together like a travel rewards achievement list. You know it it's definitely good to have some different countries on there it's for the people that want to kind of build this achievement list into their bucket list and their bucket list into their checkpoints of FI list. See how it all ties together. We need to like build an app that like allows you to track these sorts of progress. So I know that Veronica on our Facebook group has actually started creating achievement badges that you can post on your Web site or blog. And they look so good. I want to put it on our website. I mean it's it's awesome but there's so many talented people in our Facebook group everyone from graphic design to software design. And I wonder if maybe we couldn't crowdsource or partner with a software developer in our community to start thinking about how we can create an app that will help us accomplish this goal of creating this ecosystem and maybe incorporate the milestones of fire the checkpoints of FI and maybe this is this this bucket list this travel rewards achievement list some way of putting all that together I think that would be really cool we should look into that Brad.
3145 - 3146 Brad Barrett Yeah I like it.
3146 - 3165 Jonathan Mendonsa So the next voicemail Brad is actually from Rachel and Rachel has this really cool idea on how to hack your TSB to get farther ahead on your student loans and pay them down early and save on interest. I think it's kind of similar to the HEELOCK mortgage idea that we've seen floated out there but this one to me has real legs on it so I'm going to go and play this.
3165 - 3339 Rachel - (voicemail contributor) Hey guys this is Rachel from Arkansas. I want to talk to you a little bit today about being a government employee and one potential benifit. for paying off your student loans a couple of weeks ago on millennial revolution their may 24th blog they talk about using a 401k in order to actually pay off your student loans. Basically being a government employee you have access to a TSP which is Thrift Savings Plan and the TSP allows you to make a loan yourself. There's a 50 dollar flat fee to make a loan to yourself. And there's kind of some weird rules about exactly how much you can long yourself out of your TSPP but the short version of the story is in the lowest kind of qualifications here you can open yourself up to $10000 and the highest qualifications here you can go all the way up to 50000 dollars. The cool thing about this is that you learn this money to yourself and then you pay yourself back the interest. So instead of paying the interest to your student loan provider you're paying interest to yourself. The other cool thing about this is that the TSP loan is at the percentage interest rate of whatever the G Fund is currently returning for the year. So right now the G fund return is 2.25 percent. So basically what I can do let's say I have a $10000 student loan I can loan myself that money out of my TSP and let's say that loan is you know somewhere around five and a half percent I loan myself that many out of my TSP. I pay the $50 flat fee which for up to $10000 is point 0 five percent. And then I pay myself back at 2.25 percent for a total of 2.3 percent compared to the five point five percent that I'm paying somebody else. There are some people who try to say that there's double taxation here but that's actually not the case. The actual case is that if you have a traditional TSP you put the money in tax free so you're also accumulating the money to pay the student loans depending on what tax bracket you're in at potentially a 30 percent faster rate than you would be if you were using after tax dollars. Now you do pay yourself back with after tax dollars. But again you're paying yourself and you're paying yourself a lower interest rate. So really it comes out best for everybody because this also means that in the long run you're actually putting more money in your own retirement account. So that's what I'm doing as a government employee. I have increased my TSP contributions to try to get to a an amount that's significant enough to pay off a student loan of mine faster. And then I will pay myself back and then I will lather rinse and repeat until I have paid off all my student loans. I hope this helps somebody. And again I would definitely recommend that you check out the millennial revolution investment workshop number 28 to hear a little bit more about this. And I'd love to hear you guys kind of run through it on the air with some numbers so that people can assess how it could help them. Now this may or may not work as well if you have a standard 401k depending on what penalties and fees and repayment rates you have to deal. But at least for government employees I think that's a really great idea. Thanks.
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3339 - 3341 Jonathan Mendonsa That's a potential game changer isn't it Brad.
3341 - 3356 Brad Barrett Yeah that's really interesting. I've never heard of this before but that sounds like a winner and this is kind of the the stuff that we just love about our audience. So many people out there I have so many smart ideas and little hacks that really move the needle. So yeah. Thank you Rachel for sending this.
3356 - 3420 Jonathan Mendonsa What's cool about this idea is that it passes the smell test. It's simple it's just looking at the problem a little differently. So in my mind Brad there are a few different storylines that we need to tackle. We have not done a great job of looking at the TSP or the government path to FI or the military path to FI that's on our radar. There's a few other storylines that I know we've said we want to tackle. What about the person that finds fi late in life. The single path to FI low income FI. There's a bunch of different ways to tackle this journey but in particular in my mind we have not really explored the TSP. And so I know that we have some people in our audience that are very good at this that have really been able to explore. So we're hoping we can kind of crowd source and draw from our audience from our audiences experiences to really help peel back the curtain on what other people have figured out. And to me this voicemail is a perfect example of something that will benefit thousands of people in our audience and show them something that they had never considered. And hopefully you can go and look into how you can implement this in your own life over the next couple of weeks and I guess we could probably link to that article or investment series that she talked about from millennial revolution as well. See if that would help you get a little closer to your goal there.
3420 - 3438 Brad Barrett Yeah you bet. I'll definitely link that up in the show notes to this episode. And yeah just like always you can get on our show notes sent to you via e-mail if you just head over to choose FI dot com forward slash subscribe. And yeah we'll just send you an email every time we post a new article or a new episode and you'll get our show notes.
3438 - 3671 Jonathan Mendonsa So guys you know how passionate Brad and I are about this community. And if you're enjoying the show if you're getting value from the show we have tried to make a special effort to ensure that you are getting a great user experience this entire time. And if you want to support what we're doing the best way for you to support us currently is if you decide to execute on your travel rewards plans. Just include us as part of that journey. Open up the credit card using our credit cards page and to go to our cards page you can just go to choose F-I dot com slash cards on that site. The best offer for those cards will always be featured and use that page when you start executing your travel rewards plan. And the cool thing about it is because we learn just as much from our audience as you learn from us once you've actually taken the time to piece together a trip and either have it scheduled or have gone on it call in our voicemail line and let us know what trip you took. We would love to feature that as part of the show going forward. And honestly your creativity helped spark creativity in us and in our audience as well. So thank you so much for supporting the show. We appreciate you guys. OK guys so as you know we try to finish up every one of our Friday round ups by reading some feedback that we got from our community and specifically feedback in the forms of iTunes written reviews and we have a couple of things going on that's kind of cool so let me just catch you up to speed real quick. One is that every Friday we always do a drawing for a copy of several books that we found useful and we do JL Collins book the simple path to wealth and also Dominic Quartuccio's book design your future. And I should just say that in order to participate in that drawing all you need to do just go to choose F-I dot com slash iTunes follow the instructions there to leave us a short written review and then once you've done that just shoot us an email to feedback at Choose F-I dot com letting us know that you left the review and we will enter you into the drawing to win a copy of one of those books and we typically do one book for every five written reviews that we get and we would love to include you in that. And for Brad myself that's just kind of this virtuous circle type thing where we realize that you're helping us out I mean you really are helping us out you're actually committing and giving this show your stamp of approval and saying I place value in the show and I want other people to know about it so that is it's an unbelievable value to us but we also wanted to make sure that we were giving back. And this is a great way for us to just participate that and hopefully add value back to your life as well. And we've had good feedback on it so far so thank you. That's something that we're going to continue to do. Right now though and all the way up to the period of the 28th so you're hearing this on the 25th all the way up to the 28th. We're doing an additional contest which is which is going on the exact same time. And you can qualify for just doing the exact same thing that I just talked about. And we're we actually have a single take available for the camp down in Florida that we've been talking about been talking about the value of community and this camp has sold out all of its tickets. But Stephen the coordinator of the camp down of Florida reserve one ticket for us because he wanted to basically give something back to this community which he has been enjoying for the last six months as well just being a part of. And so if you take the time to leave us a written review and you send us an e-mail at feedback at Choose F-I dot com just letting us know that you left us a review and that you would also like us to enter you in that drawing for camp. We are going to collect all the reviews that we got up to the 28th of August and then we're going to announce that winner on September 1st that Friday round up. And you still are in the contest for the books you're still on the drawing but we just this is this extra little thing that we get to do and we're very excited to offer so please. I encourage you if you have been wanting to leave us review this whole time but just life gets in the way. But you're very interested in doing that. Please let this be that extra little incentive. Just go to choose F-I com slash iTunes just leave us a short written review and we would love to also include you in this drawing both for the books and also for that single ticket to the camp down in Florida. It would be really cool to see you there. So thanks so much for being a part of this. Alright Brad how many reviews do we have today.
testimonial, travelrewards
3671 - 3713 Brad Barrett All right. I actually because I was on vacation and these things kind of piled up we are giving away four different books today. So yeah we're going to try to quickly read four different written reviews here. All right. And the first winner is Bill and Bill said this is a winner. I've been listening to Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard for a few years. They are fine and have been helpful. But I wanted some fresh perspectives. I found them on the Choose FI podcast. I'm glad to have found you and look forward to new episodes. I'm selectively going through the episodes in the back catalogue and we'll have them finish in a couple of months. So yes. Thank you Bill. That's a great review. We appreciate it. And really cool that you found us after listening to Dave Ramsey Clark. OK. And our next winner is Emily.
ramsey, testimonial
3713 - 3727 Jonathan Mendonsa And Emily says great motivation and inspiration. My husband introduced me to you guys and I've been a fan ever since. You always have the best tips and advice in the fire world give this podcast a listen you won't be disappointed. I promise. It may even change your life.
3727 - 3753 Brad Barrett All right. Our third winner is Jackie and Jackie called this the advance class for FI as someone very close to retiring extra early in my 40s. This podcast is right on time. It hits on so many of the issues I have to consider and I've shifted many times as a result. I love the guests interviews and very active discussion after each podcast. This is the best resource I've found for fire. Keep up the great work. All right. And our final winner is Austin.
3753 - 3794 Jonathan Mendonsa And Austin says the Ph.D. of FI. I've been exploring FI and minimalism for the past few years. Most podcasts on these topics are very similar. An intriguing introduction with information. All very similar. Then I stumbled upon choose FI I am hooked. Each episode is an intro class followed by the master's component and then wrapped up with information on how to get the Ph.D. content do you become a master of FI. Most importantly the content matches the hype. As I've converted my wife and several friends into devout listener. Thank you so much for the work you do. Thank you so much guys. It's very rewarding being a part of this. Frankly this movement at this point you can almost feel it. We're on to something here. The fire is spreading my friends and we'll see you next time as we continue to go down the road less traveled.

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