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044: Brandon Pearce Into the Wind Brandon Pearce Yeah I can give a really quick version just by saying that back in 2003 I was working in a call center doing Internet tech support dial up Internet tech support and teaching piano lessons on the side and going to college and the weekends and life was busy. And I was studying computer programming. I'd been programming since I was a kid but I decided that's kind of the career path I wanted to go down. But as I started looking at what was going on around me like my father in law lost his job in the I.T. world and I just saw that there's no such thing as job security. When you work for somebody else and that really hit me and I realized that I wanted to have more control over my financial future for my family. And so I started developing this program to help me keep track of my piano students. It's called Music teachers helper. I didn't call it that then it was just something for me. But I thought about the possibility of turning that into a business and seeing if we could make that into anything that could support us financially. And so I put a lot of thought and effort and time and energy into creating that. And over several years it slowly grew into something that was able to support us allowed me to quit my job. And since then we've been traveling the world now for eight years been to 36 countries as a family and just trying to live life fully now.

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