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010: Skinny Waist Fat Wallet Jonathan Mendonsa Lots of fun lots of fun. And you know what I really appreciate it. AUDIENCE MEMBERS those of you that have reached out to us and sent us a message or commented on our post that's really cool. We love the interaction and we've learned a lot from you already. We hope you're getting a lot out of this so if you have already left us a review on iTunes we appreciate it. If you have not but you want to. That would be fantastic. Just go to iTunes go search for choose FI. Go to rating's and reviews and you know leave us an honest review. Hopefully five stars. Also for those of you that listen to us on iTunes. But were not aware that we had a companion Web site. We're super excited about the Web site choose FI dot com. We build it as a framework to really organize these ideas for you. So if you're interested in a particular topic and you want to get more information relating to that topic go to our Web site choose F-I dot com. Go to our Get Started page first to kind of find out how you can get integrated into our community. And then from there I would recommend you go to our experiment's page where we've actually built out some of the concepts and theories that we discuss on the show. So today as you may have heard from the title we're going to be discussing really fitness and how it how to you know look at that from a personal finance perspective from a health perspective kind of how some of these different ideas go together. And I think this is going to be a little bit unique because you have a lot of people focusing on fitness with no regard to your budget. If you if you sign up for some of these meal plans or programs they will have you consuming you know protein at every single meal. And if you look at the average budget for someone that's interested in fitness it just it skyrockets through through the roof. But I think there is a smarter way of doing it. I think there's a way that you can do it without breaking the bank. And we wanted to talk a little bit about our particular views on fitness and the scope of personal finance and also frugal living which Brad and I are both big believers in.
011: Welcome to the Hotseat Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah absolutely. And you know if you want to be a part of that and you want to have some input in what sort of stuff you would be interested in hearing about. Brad I have an ethical bribe currently outstanding on our Web site. And basically what we put out to our community is we want to get to 50 written reviews on iTunes and once we get to 50 written reviews on iTunes we're going to add this voicemail feature on our Web site where if you have an idea that you would like to have discussed by thought leaders in the space you're interested in. You can go and leave us a voicemail and then we will actually find the experts bring them on and we'll talk about that specific topic so if that's something you're interested in and you would like to see that happen just go to iTunes search for choose FI. Go to ratings and reviews and then leave us an honest review hopefully five stars. And you know so many of you have already done that. We really appreciate it and we're excited that we're going to be able to offer this feature for you.
012R: Friday Roundup Jonathan Mendonsa All right guys so this is our Friday round up we're just kind of this is like an open segment. This podcast is by the fire community for the fire community. This is a place where we round up your ideas and thoughts and we put it out there. So we already told you there were 20000 downloads this month in 20 different countries. People are this content is resonating with people. And there are 22 people that have left us five star reviews on iTunes 17 of those were written reviews. We really do want to get this content out there we want to make this a more mainstream idea. So if you want to help us with that please consider going on to iTunes and leaving us a five star review you know letting us know what you like about the show iTunes places a lot of weight on written reviews and so you know if you think you know this is something that you want to share and you'd like to see it grow and get out there more and more please consider just going on there leaving us a short written review that really does absolutely help us out in that same kind of train of thought. Now I wanted to tell you guys that Brad does actually take the time as we're doing both the guest interviews and also as we're doing the Friday roundups to make a note of all the links that we mentioned. All the resources that we mentioned and he actually compiles and then puts them into show notes which are at the bottom of each episode. And two people on our e-mail list. We do actually send you those show notes by e-mail. So if you find yourself trying to keep track of all the different thoughts and tidbits and resources and links that we mentioned or episode. Let me just take some time just to save you the trouble. Just get on our e-mail list today and to try to make that as easy as possible. Brad has actually set up this really cool feature which I will let him tell you about.
012R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett Yeah I totally agree. This has been a really fun first. First Friday episode I'm glad we recorded it. And you know like Jonathan said you know we need your input we want your input so you know please get in touch. That's that's what this is all about for us. We love talking about this. We love interacting with you. So get involved and and yeah just you know the last thing is the best way that you can support this podcast is to listen is to subscribe on iTunes or stitcher or whatever podcast app you use. And please rate and review us on iTunes. I know we say it a couple of times but we are really just getting started. And while we have really struck a chord with people and we're getting you know more downloads and we could have ever imagined at this point like the best way for us to get this word out is through iTunes and through appearing you know higher up in their rankings and the way that that happens is when you go there you rate and review it and more people can see us. So as always we really appreciate your listening. We really appreciate you being involved so thank you.
013R: Friday Roundup John - (voicemail contributor) And actually if you think about it you know we spent the majority of the episode of millionaire educator talking about 457 and your side of the ledger. But if you remember how he got his start it was Geo arbitrage as well so. And actually even a consistent theme throughout his career was Geo arbitrage although in some cases you know he was still inside the states. I think there's really something there maybe it's something we'll explore further. I love these stories of people that make unconventional choices and supercharge their path to FI by just doing things a little bit different and so. Tyler thanks for sharing that with us. I think our audience will find that useful. I love hearing stories like that. And until you send it to me I didn't know that Brad's brother had actually done something some or as well so that's story is case studies just all together of people that made that choice and used it to supercharge the path to FI. And that's not even counting the other tools that we unpacked with the 4:57 and the 4 3 be your side of the ledger type stuff so that's really cool. All right so next we have two iTunes reviews. First of all we're up to 26 reviews we got 23 of those are written reviews. We keep talking about it because it really is the number one way that we can get some exposure out there. But this first one was by Oddy Ann or Odd am sorry if I said that wrong. And they say entertaining relatable and powerful as someone who has been devouring content on financial independence over the past few months. I consider this podcast one of the best resources I have stumbled upon. It's great to hear what the pursuit of FI actually means in the daily lives of these two normal guys. Personally I enjoy their perspective on the importance of investing in relationships and experiences as a way not only to achieve financial goals but also as a way to flourish people. That is awesome you just made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. That is super cool. I'm glad it's helping you. I love doing this. Brad loves doing this but that sort of feedback just makes it worth it.
013R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett Yeah no doubt about it. And just to reiterate what Jonathan said if you guys like what we're doing here please we ask you take take 30 seconds go to iTunes search for choose FI click ratings and reviews and just leave us just a two line two line review and hopefully a five star rating and we're going to keep reading out these reviews they really mean the world to us so thank you in advance for your time. And yeah I just want to read one from Gold in San Diego who called this the best financial podcast out there which is pretty cool. So thank you. They said Jonathan and Brad offer a holistic approach to financial independence. Not only do they talk about investments and how to save money but they talk about minimalism as a way of life not to deprive but to enhance daily life.
014R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett And we have a couple of other nice short iTunes reviews here and just wanted to read quickly one from Doc mom 21. So glad I came across this podcast. Love it. Thank you for all the advice. I just recommended this podcast on a large Facebook group that I'm in because I want lots of other people to benefit from all your great info. Thanks again well thank you very much Doc mom for sharing it. That's that's absolutely wonderful and and Gypsy Schick said fantastic podcast. These guys are relatable informed and inspirational Of all the financial podcasts I listen to. This is the one I'm eager eagerly waiting for each week. Great content for anyone interested in financial independence or retiring early well thank you all very very much. We really appreciate it. And yeah. If anyone out there listening the biggest thing you can do to help us is to just head over to iTunes and just search. Choose F-I one word and just leave us a short review and hopefully a five star rating. It takes a minute but we just cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. So thank you.
014R: Friday Roundup Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah absolutely. All right Jason. Great question. Great question. OK we have an iTunes review for you now. This one took me a while to find because it's actually our first review from Australia which is really really cool. Anyways this is by FB users 33. So giving you a shout out from Australia and he says it's so easy for podcasters in the fire space to provide 100 percent positive content. Which for me includes the FI success stories. The retire early strategies and calculations even anecdotal failures which have almost always already bounced back to some level of financial success. Like a typical Facebook feed the positivity motivation field goodness content bubbles to the surface that is great writing. Choose FI conscientiously took a slightly different tack. Brad and Jonathan have designed a platform to take the most practical content in the fire space and try it out in an open book manner. They are incredibly honest in their approach and also great sports when they discuss differences in their own behaviors opinions personalities and situations. As someone who has typically love motivational content without taking much meaningful action in the past I found choose of-I has made it very easy for me to jump into the first gear and try a few things in my own universe. Thank you for providing this amazing free content. Well thank you for sharing. That is fantastic I appreciate that you find this helpful and we obviously love producing the stuff for you guys. Thanks a lot.
015R: Friday Roundup Jonathan Mendonsa OK so we did get a couple of iTunes reviews actually we got a lot of iTunes reviews this week. Thank you guys. I mean close to 47 of you have stopped by iTunes and left us reviews so far so that is amazing. Thank you so much. And if you are interested in leaving us a review you can just go to our Web page and click on the iTunes button on the sidebar and it will take you straight to our page if you want to leave us review. You can also just go to iTunes store and search for choose F-I one word and then you know just leave us a one you know one or two sentence review and it really really helps us out we're trying to get this message out there. We really think that if you at some point fell in love with Dave Ramsey and you got debt free or you got close but then you decided after that it just feels a little empty and you're looking for that next thing. This is the podcast for you. If you're a life hacker and you just want to do everything as optimized as possible this is the podcast for you if you want to basically hear all of the people all the articles that you've been reading all across the Internet from just creators over the last five or 10 years and you want to find a place where those get brought to life and get turned into a conversation. This is the podcast for you and I love it. I mean this is what I what I love to turn these articles which sometimes you know there's good information there but you have trouble figuring out how to put it in your life. I love turning that into a story and figuring out how can I actually use that information in my life. That's what we're trying to do for you. So Daniel wrote us an iTunes review and he said I started listening to this podcast after hearing them on a radical personal finance podcast episode. Since listening to them. I've doubled my 401K savings rate. I got to Chase Sapphire preferred credit card for travel rewards and I refinance my student loans to a lower rate nearly two points two percentage points. Keep up the fantastic work work gentlemen. And then Quincy R says so much to say about how fantastic this podcast is. Brad and Jonathan aren't amazing duo great conversation and concepts. I feel like I'm learning something despite knowing so much about this topic. Great guest. Please keep going. I look forward to new episodes every week so thank you both for leaving those comments and then I also told you that one of the things we're trying to do is we want your input about where the show goes. I mean we think we have ideas. We think we have ideas that will resonate with people but we're crowdsourcing this and so Matt suggested he wants us to do one at some point and he realizes that it's a little too soon for this but to do one add on effective altruism So the idea that at some point the fi community that's been doing this for 10 years has been implementing these ideas one at a time. They're going to be worth well over a million dollars and you don't need you know at some point your money keeps growing due to compound interest but you don't need all that money in order to provide for your family any more you have access to because you're very comfortable with this entry level middle class lifestyle. What do you do with the access and how can you use that to make the world a better place. I think it's a great idea and you know that's something we'll look out for down the road. And then you know we're also going to get to some conversations about maybe crowdfunding real estate. We have there's two fellows that we know that maybe Brad can talk about that are actually looking at doing a really cool project down in Georgia. And so I'll let Brad introduce that idea in a second. But also you know we're going to go and find some people that are doing kind of peer lending for real estate and looking at that as a potential vehicle. Also insurance for the fire community. You know what type of insurances do most people in the fire community think are essential and then tax optimization for the fire community. How can you take a couple that makes a hundred and seventy grand a year and then move them down to the point where they have less than 40 grand a taxable income so I mean these are just ideas but like people have figured it out. So all we have to do I don't have to come up with the information we just have to go find the people that have and then figure out how to take all of those really cool ideas and put them into one place that makes this story so that you can figure out that one or two or three ideas you can actually use for yourself. And then we get to hear how those ideas impacted your life. That's the podcast I want to listen to. That's a podcast that Brad and I want to make so we hope you get as excited about that as I am right now telling you about it.
015R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett Yeah. No I think that's a great idea. Yeah. You know the traveler awards strategy to Disney is actually really pretty straightforward. And you know for a lot of families out there you're going to Disney and whether you like it or not unfortunately. And it's big dollar figure. So it could be 4000 bucks plus for the airfare the park tickets and the hotel and. Yeah I mean there's a pretty straightforward strategy to to do it for nearly free and we are definitely going to talk about that on ChooseFI. I think that's an important topic. Yeah we are really excited for the next couple of weeks we have Coach Carson coming on then we have the mad Fientist which is just really a fantastic conversation. I listened to it a couple of times just just getting ready for the show notes and such you guys are really going to get a lot out of that. Just personalizes him a lot more. And yeah then we actually have some continue the amazing guests. We have J.D. Roth coming on Soon we have Jim Collins and Jeremy from go crackers so you know we have what we like to call it like the Mt. Rushmore of fire. And they're pretty much most of them are coming on and the next month so it's really really exciting month here at ChooseFI. And yeah just to kind of go back to what Jonathan was saying before about the iTunes reviews. I don't know that you know like every single day I get up and go to iTunes and check out reviews. It's it's like I get so much value out of out of reading them and I always kind of a joke slash poke fun at Jonathan for like checking stats and you know I'm like don't check the stats. Don't check the stats because it just kind of distracts from you know the important stuff. But I got to say I checked the stats when it comes to those iTunes reviews and I read every single one. And it really does mean a lot to us so yeah if you have 30 seconds just just head over to iTunes and leave us a review. So thanks again.
016R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett Yeah just to echo what Jonathan said we are loving this. This is really the most exciting project I've ever been involved in. And you know we think about this all day everyday we just we absolutely love it. And you know you guys are the lifeblood of choose FI. And please you know keep the questions the comments criticisms just keep them coming. We love it. And you know we just cannot do this without you. So another thing I would ask is if you have you know the personal finance and the FI blogosphere if you will. It's humongous. And you know we don't know everybody by any means. We don't we don't have the time or expertise to really research hundreds of blogs but we want your input if you if there's someone who's you know a cutting edge thinker or just doing something different or somebody who has a great story you just shoot us a real super quick e-mail feedback at ChooseFI dot com and just let us know you know send us the article that you think is really great and we can get that person on the podcast and and talk through that. That article you know that's what we're all about here is you're not having these guests come on and just do like the typical meet and greet and you know let's hear two minutes of your story and you know the typical stuff we want to unpack on a deep level what people are doing that's different and really a game changer. So you know you can help us become acquainted with these people and we can get them on and have them explain their story to our entire audience and in turn the whole Fi community. So that is absolutely crucial to us. And you know just again to the iTunes reviews you know that is really the biggest thing you can do to help us. It's just take 30 seconds. Go to iTunes and just leave us you know. Hopefully a five star rating and just a quick one or two line review. It is. It really means the world to us so yeah I mean that's that's my big ask for the audiences you know just keep the feedback coming. And if you do have a couple of minutes just just leave us a quick review.
016R: Friday Roundup Jonathan Mendonsa OK. So this brings me to one other quick thing and this is just how choose F-I works and our audience you all need to be aware of this so that you can participate. We know that you are interested in making this a community that's what we want. We've said that from the beginning. And one of the things that we have been saying is that we want and need your input. And one of the things that we've been teasing is that at a certain point we're going to get to the place where you are going to be able to actually leave us a voicemail a voicemail feedback and it will get played on the show especially if it adds to the adds to the content that we're trying to present. So there's a couple of things that one is that right now we have 45 written reviews on iTunes we told you and this is from the very beginning. Once we get to 50 written reviews the voice mail feature is getting added to the web page. You're right there at the door if you've been wanting to do it but haven't quite pulled the trigger. This is your week go pull the trigger. Leave us a written review on iTunes go to choose F-I dot com slash iTunes. It'll take you straight to iTunes page. Alternatively you can just go to iTunes and search for choose F-I one word and then just go to reviews and then just write us a short you know written review. Obviously you know that is the number one way that you can help us right now. We're not asking you to send us donations. We're not asking you to listen to our sponsors at this point. You know that. But right now this is just the number one way that you can say thank you for putting this content together. But on top of that this is what we've been telling you we want to get your input on this shall we. Frankly it scares me sometimes. How smart are our audiences because you send me emails and I have to spend time researching it because I'm like they are ahead of me in many cases and I don't want to I want to make sure that I'm adding value to the content that you already have locked down. And so Brad and I you know we take what we're saying on the show very seriously well you know not seriously as in we hold ourselves up. But seriously as in we want to present good accurate information to the best of our abilities. And so we're all really really smart. And we've obviously picked up on that and we look forward to getting your input on the show. We know it adds value so please please consider going into iTunes leaving us a written review and we would love to add that voicemail feature. And here's how it will work. Once it's set up if you send us a written comment on a Monday after the show drops immediately you need to send it to us that Monday or you leave us a voicemail that Monday if you get it to us the same day the Monday episode drops. We record this Tuesday morning. This is being recorded Tuesday in the morning so you got to get it to us on Monday. But if you do that any time on Monday there is a solid chance that your comment or or message is going to be included on that Friday episode. And how much value does that add to our community when they have these different perspectives and feedbacks and case studies all these other things so I hope that you all get as excited about that idea of crowdsourcing this show as Brad and I do. But we need your help with that we need you to help first by giving us the written review and second by leaving us the feedback on Monday. It will be a big deal. So let me just go ahead and segue into this. This last week we did get a significant number of iTunes reviews and I'm going to read just a couple of them. Ken 9 0 7 says this is my favorite podcast for learning about frugal living intensional spending smart investing and travel hacking. Brad and Jonathan have really nailed it. I look forward to learning something new every episode. Keep it up and Steigen says that this podcast delivers great content from all around the Fi community. One great thing about the show is the challenges that both guys go through in their own journey and the thoughts behind their decisions. Choose F-I doesn't present only one way to accomplish your goals but how so many others are doing it their way including listener feedback. Great stuff guys.
017R: Roth Conversion Ladder Jonathan Mendonsa Chad Carson man Chad Carson wrote our 50th review. So Chad thank you so much. And he basically said I am a guest and a regular listener and this is one that I recommend to other people. So thank you Chad I really appreciate you putting that on there and guys. But that was a big deal not just because of the comment but also because we told you from day one that when we get 50 written reviews that's where we implement the voice mail feature and that's cool because this is a community driven show and the Friday roundup is a community driven episode it's by the fire community for the fire community. So now that we have the voice mail feature we're adding it and it's live right now you can go do it if you leave us a voicemail feedback that adds value. It's going to get played and we're going to talk about it and we're going to get to actually use your input on the show. It's just going to add an incredible level of depth. Other people have voicemail features but they don't get used the same way that we are planning on using it. You guys are an integral part of our show and we have been wanting to use this feature since literally the first day. So I'm incredibly excited about the depth that that feature is going to add to this thing that we as a community are building together very very powerful stuff. OK so let's go ahead and dig into this week's episode we had Brandon from the mad Fientist. And it was kind of an origin story so it was a mentality it was a thought process. And in that episode for the first time we introduced the Roth conversion ladder. Now many of you are already familiar with this idea because maybe you found the mad Fientist a long time ago. But for those of you that heard about the Roth conversion ladder for the first time that is going to be the focus of this episode and so we're going to take some time to show you how that works. But before we do that I want to go and take a few minutes and just get some general insights from the episode because I know for Brad for you this was an episode you were very excited to do and you really wanted to go behind the scenes with Mad Fientist and find just kind of pull out some of those human elements.
017R: Roth Conversion Ladder Jonathan Mendonsa And by the way we hit a huge milestone. We just had our 50th written review. And Brad you know who wrote that 50th review.
018R: Capital Gains Harvesting Never pay taxes again Jonathan Mendonsa All right guys so Brad always after we do one of these case studies we always like to go ahead and go through a couple of the iTunes reviews and we had several come through this weekend. Again we really appreciate it. It helps us get our message out there. It helps us make this a more mainstream idea it helps us get access to you know new guest. So thank you for taking the time to leave a review. And these are just a couple that came through this week. Jacobs says Great show super cheesy intro. Be ready to skip 30 seconds. Love these guys real specific advice you can implement. Jacob man. Come on. Embrace the funk. It builds character man. But yeah Brad and I we both know it as it is. I guess a campy intro it is definitely a funky intro but we love it and we're enjoying doing this. Someone else said Good Show learn a synonym for unpack it and I'll listen more. Yeah that's fair that's fair I got a lot of flak for that this week. It's kind of like a virus. You know it's for life. It's hard to escape it. Once you embrace it so beware. But I am trying to tangle it from my vocabulary and I think I had I had a 0 percent unpack ratio today so I think I've done a good job so far but it's been very very difficult. Very good.
019: Jim Collins Stock Series part 1 Jonathan Mendonsa What a treat. Choose FI dot com slash 0 1 9 for the show notes. Go there check it out check out all the really cool links if you want a free copy of the book. Please just send us your review on iTunes take a picture of it send it to feeback choose FI. We want to get you that free copy.
019: Jim Collins Stock Series part 1 Jonathan Mendonsa And we had a we had up we have a challenge out to our listeners forever. You know if you love this if this open up your eyes to why we get so excited about VTSAX index fund investing we want to give you a free copy of Jim's book. We're doing it just for our listeners. Go on to iTunes and leave us just a short review about how you like this episode or how you like this podcast. And then just take a picture of it and send it to us at feedback at ChooseFI or tweet it to us or share it on our Facebook page. However you want to do it. We'll take that information and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a copy of the free book we're going to do one book for every 10 reviews we get. So there's you know that's a lot better than your lottery and you're helping us out and we're helping you out and we're really excited to get a copy of this book into your hands. And so Jim is still on the show so hang on Jim. We are going to get to introduce you to our hot seat. I hope you're ready for it.
019: Jim Collins Stock Series part 1 Jonathan Mendonsa All right guys. So I know you're thinking Well where's the interview. You guys have the intro I'm waiting for and we're going to do it. But just real quick. Brad and I we're so excited about this episode and we've been teasing it for so long we're going to do a give away. What we decided to do we've told you how important iTunes reviews are to us and to encourage that today. This give away a sample for every 10 people that leave us an iTunes review over the next two weeks. We are going to put that person into a drawing to win a copy a free copy of the simple path to wealth and if there's one thing that people in the fi community appreciate it's free. So that's for you if you want to enter yourself and a chance to win the book. The simple path to wealth. Just go to iTunes. Leave us a short written review and then take a picture of the comment that you left and then e-mail it to feedback at Choose FI or you can tweet it to us whatever you want to do but just let us know. You did it and we will enter you in a drawing for every ten people that leave us a review of this episode or of the show. We're going to enter you in a drawing to win a copy of Jim's absolutely life changing book the simple path to wealth and without wasting any more time. Let's go and get this thing rolling. All right. And we're back so we're in the studio today Brad. Jim is with us and we're going to be unpacking the stock series and we had to ask him we weren't sure which way this was going to go whether or not we're going to try and do it all at once which honestly frankly we didn't really wanted to do because we want to go in depth that's what we do. We go through the concepts one at a time and we try to show you how you can implement it in your life. And Jim has agreed that he is down with that so today this is going to be part one we're going to be unpacking the first several articles of the stock series and just going into depth with it making it a conversation trying to figure out how we can implement a few of these things. And if you've never heard this information before how you can take just a few actionable steps and incorporate it in your life today and I'm really excited to do that so. Jim welcome to the studio.
019R: How to Start with VTSAX Jonathan Mendonsa So yeah that was one cool little side tangent I wanted to mention. Very very cool guys. Brad and I realized that we had this massive oversight. Apparently you can do reviews on stitcher and a couple of people did. And we have just been neglecting you guys and we're sorry frankly I didn't even know you could do reviews on stitcher. I tried to figure it out. Back in the day and I couldn't do it myself. But I saw two of them on there. And these are a little bit delayed but I just wanted to give a shout out to you guys because we we really do appreciate you guys taking the time to leave us a stitcher review. It's awesome. It is a really cool surprise to see that the title House says My husband and I are 28 and are loving the show. We had already toyed around with the idea of early retirement but hadn't honestly considered it a reality until listening to choose FI. We find these guys easy to listen to and certainly helpful in the way they package the material. We've applied at least one action stuff from each episode. So if you're serious about moving forward with the fire plan check these guys out and that was that was very cool. And then also what Derrick said Brad and Jonathan I want to start with saying thank you guys for all of your work on the show. the Content has been excellent and I look forward to the episodes each week. The material is very accessible and applicable. I've been trying to share the Fi movement to friends and family and this podcast has been instrumental in that process. Keep up the great work guys here knocking it out of the park.
019R: How to Start with VTSAX Brad Barrett And guys on the topic of the simple path to wealth Jim's book we really want to give away as many copies of this book as possible and like me mentioned on the Monday podcast we are doing the thing where if you leave a review on iTunes or stitcher I just take a quick screenshot or a quick picture and send it to us at feedback. at Choose F-I dotcom. And for every 10 reviews that we receive we're going to take those 10 names put them in a hat pick it out and you know they want a copy of the simple path to wealth. So I mean in a perfect world center here we give away as many of these as humanly possible so you know it's helping us with reviews. And you know we want to help you get this book in your hands so. Yeah. You know again if you know please send us send us itunes reviews that would be phenomenal.
020R: The Friday Roundup Our First Crowdsourced Case Study Jonathan Mendonsa I love the feedback that we got this last week guys. Y'all sent us over 30 written reviews from five different countries. It was mind blowing and it was incredibly rewarding and I think it adds value to the show because here's some additional information that our audience could use to supercharge their path to FI. And so you know as Brad and I get a chance we are going to do our best to get out of the way and share this information with you when we take the time to say the Friday round up is crowdsourced by fire for fire. That's what this looks like and how cool is it that we've created this platform that we can actually have this we can share this. This is like a blog in the comments section where it's gone viral and everybody gets a chance to contribute. But instead of it just being one comment buried under forty five others you know you're getting to put this out there on a national platform. It's just fun. I'm excited. I'm excited just to be a part of it and I'm excited to benefit from the knowledge that you are sharing with us. Eyebrowed Well let's just take just a couple of minutes and talk about maybe some of the you know the highlights from this Monday's episode and in particular the biggest thing that struck me was you know we put this together and I don't feel like we're doing anything crazy I live just this entry level middle class lifestyle. And I try to live just a little bit smarter than maybe you know average Joe and essentially have their say their same lifestyle for a fraction of that price. And honestly I was expecting some blowback like people saying oh that's unreasonable that's crazy. How could you possibly do that. But you know with all the feedback we got over this last week it was 90 percent. Wow I hadn't thought of it that way before. That actually sounds entirely reasonable and doable. And how am I spending so much. And then it was driving people to go look at their actual line items and see where their money was actually going and how cool is that.
020R: The Friday Roundup Our First Crowdsourced Case Study Brad Barrett Yeah that's very cool. We love giving these little hacks where Jonathan and I are going to look into that and see if we can save money. I mean honestly we we have not done the research on this company. So I don't know how that stacks up precisely but but it certainly sounds fantastic. I mean that obviously well enough that we're going to read it on the podcast and be super excited about it and that's the cool thing is people you guys out there there are tens of thousands of you listening to this podcast and you guys are doing cool stuff. And in many cases better than what we're doing so please. As always just send us the ideas feedback at Choose FI dot come. And I actually wanted to. This is not going to be applicable to everybody but just kind of ties into into that exact thought which is I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine over the weekend kids where we're playing over at our house and we're just kind of chatting for a couple hours and he actually listens to the podcast. Now I have a sense that he was interested in in finances and things like that. And I went out of my comfort zone and mentioned the podcast to him a couple of weeks ago. And he has just devoured the episodes it's amazing so I mean we had like a two hour talk on FI which was just so cool that I can have that in my real life now. So it's really super neat. And he mentioned that he has a new homeowner's insurance that's that's only good for people here in Virginia it's called mutual assurance of Virginia and he's paying like 20 percent of what he was previously paying in for homeowner's insurance. And this is kind of a special company and the details are kind of beside the point. But just the fact that now I have this thing where I might save $500 a year on homeowner's insurance because I had this one conversation about FI with one of my buddies who I never would've talked to him about it. And just because of this podcast and that's really neat to me and actually just kind of talking about him in this whole long conversation about Fi we really set him on a plan. He works for the state of Virginia and he has a pension actually. So that that kind of changes the FI landscape a little bit. He actually has to work for another 16 years. But even in a 20 minute sub conversation we basically put him on this path where in 16 years he's going to have to his two rental house has paid off his primary residence paid off. He'll have put in $18000 a year to his 457 and to his wife's 401K and have this pension every single year. I mean he's going to be rolling in FI dough in 16 years when he retires and they both can retire at that point which will be really decades ahead of when most people will be able to. And what they even thought was plausible. So that's just such a cool example of of how just talking about this stuff just makes such a difference. And I know Jonathan we we're constantly getting e-mails about about the podcasts and iTunes reviews and things like that people are saying this is the first time that I felt like I can actually share this with my friends. So like that kind of feedback means so much to us that people are listening to this and hearing us just as regular guys who are not doing anything special just kind of implementing these life hacks and and making the difference between maybe never retiring or retiring at 70 and having control of your life. So that's just it's just so gratifying So thank you. Thank you all.
021R: May Case Study Jonathan Mendonsa Very cool. All right. Now we need the community's help. Now you guys have sent us some of your ideas and I am forwarding those to Paul as I get them. He is really excited about the feedback that you already sent him and he's tackling these other problems as soon as you send him over. And you've already had some great ones. Here's basically the plan. This is our first one Brad and I are going to need a little bit more time than we will maybe going forward so we're going to try to get in the habit of doing one case study per month and that's just a goal we don't know if it's reasonable yet we're going to find out with you guys so this will be our May case study we gave ourselves one extra week. Hopefully by the last week of the month we will have presented a FI plan for Paul. And that just gives us a little bit more room to kind of go through some of these different ideas and build it as we go and make sure that we do a good job since this is our first one. Alright you guys this was a longer episode. You know you've got to take your time. We're really trying to figure this thing out for you guys. We're trying to share this information. We want to spend just a second. First of all thank you for the for the incredible feedback that we got on our iTunes reviews page. I'm glad that you're getting benefit from the show. And Brad talked about this virtuous circle we're going to keep that going Brad said and I'm excited about it as well. We're going to do one give away for every five written reviews that we get and all you need to do to qualify for that is just take a screen shot of the review that you submitted and send it to us at Feedback at. ChooseFI dot com. And you are in the drawing. And just to really show our appreciation we're increasing that to one book giveaway of the simple path to wealth for every five written reviews so again we realize you're helping us more than we're helping you with those reviews. But we are so grateful to you for being a part of this. All right. Let me let me go ahead get my hat out here. Our first winner today is Meg pillow. She said My family just went on a road trip and my husband and I listen to two of your podcasts together the interviews with go Curry cracker and Jim Collins. Previously we listened to your podcast independently on the way to work or while cooking doing dishes. And then we discuss the information together later. We had fun listening together and smiling at each other whenever you use words like actionable levers or unpack and we use plenty of those. Meghan we try to dial back. My husband and I love all the information that we get out of your podcast. We've already taken action on some of your advice for example. I've tried to get a better handle on our grocery expenses which are over $1000 a month that she now uses a Google spreadsheet in order to track it. And she says as we continue to listen to you we are starting to reconsider what is really necessary for us to spend money on and how we can live our lives differently so that we can save more while working toward a life that allows us to work less and be with family more often doing activities we really enjoy. You've given us many ideas and the realization we can take steps to have the life we really want and it won't involve sacrifice but rather refocusing on what is important to our family. Thank you Meg. And that's really cool. Thank you for sharing so much. All right so our next winner is useless message poster. So this is he says John and Brad are bringing it. I've been listening since the beginning and these guys have changed my life. I have hundreds of thousands of chase ultimate rewards points now and he says I'm not kidding I actually have 220 2267 points which are worth more than 3000 travel. That's just using regular spending I'm paying my bills as usual. I've lined up to save thousands by dumping my financial adviser and leveraging VTSAX. Thanks Dale. I have reconsidered my spending measuring on how many months of work will this cost me as a yardstick. I under I understand the 4 percent rule that was just a concept before I started listening. If you're into Mr. Money Mustache or Mad Fientist this will supplement and clarify many of those points. And this week we have a third one just due to the sheer volume of reviews of he got over the last week which guys is amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day. All right let's take a look. We got our third one today. All right. And this third one is code monkey and Code Monkey says choose FI has quickly risen to the top of not only my go to financial podcast but it's my number one podcast period. Brad and John lay out a road map and I have found actionable steps in every episode. We are still on the Get Out of Debt stage but the show has motivated me to pay off my credit card debt and move my existing retirement accounts out of high expense providers and into Vanguard. When we get the rest of our loans paid down behind us hopefully within the next year we'll be revisiting each episode so that we too can unlock the power of FI. Thanks guys this is awesome. So if you guys heard your review today will be reaching out to you. But if you hear before we do please go ahead and send us your your address we'll make sure we get that right out to you guys. Just thank you so much. And again this is an ongoing thing guys we're not going to stop this for every five written reviews that we get. All you got to do is take a screenshot and send it to us at feedback at choose FI dot com. You'll be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of Jim's life changing book the simple path to wealth. And just thank you for being a part of this alright my friends. Well Brad thanks again. Great show. Glad we put this together for you guys. And you know the fire's ready so we'll see you next time. As we continue to go down the road less traveled.
022R: Friday Roundup Brad Barrett Julia thank you so much for that review. We really appreciate it. And yet to everybody out there the best way you can help us grow the best way that you could possibly support us is just take 30 seconds. Head over to iTunes search for choose FI and leave a written review even just a one sentence review and hopefully a five star rating where we actually set up a short link to get there it's choose F-I dot com forward slash iTunes. So yeah we really appreciate you taking the time. If I could said it is the absolute best way that you can support us and help this community grow.
022R: Friday Roundup Jonathan Mendonsa Yeah this one is supercool in fact Julia said this is my first review ever. I never leave reviews but the interview with GO Curry cracker was just mind blowing. That was episode 18 guys. I read most of the FI blogs but never came across the idea of capital gains harvesting. This was literally life changing Thanks for a great podcast.

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